Spiderman (Obama) Has Left His Web…to the UN

Spiderman (Obama) Has Left His Web… To The UN

Once again President Obama has smacked one of our constitutional rights square in the kisser. Freedom of Speech will not be as free and open as of October 1st, 2016. He has just handed over the internet to the United Nations/NWO/George Soros/Big Brother. This action will be validated by the “information being sent to the enemies of our county is too freely available…” scare tactic. However, most people don’t realize the internet was established initially out of fear.

The internet back in its Baby (for all you IT geeks) stage was quite different from the one we know today, but the concept is still the same….uphold communications in case of an attack. But attack upon whom has changed. Back then, propaganda generated fear of The United States being bombed with “a single” missile that would destroy all phone networks. Impossible, btw. Sputnik was just launched into space, October 4th, 1957, and that brought more fear. Americans saw their Cold War Enemy, Russia, moving faster than them in every which way. Oh, sure we had some smart fellows around here in America, but they were too busy making faster automobiles and finer televisions. Our enemy was investing on winning that Cold War, while we were playing with our cars.

Russia’s education was ahead of America’s in sciences because of the Marxist–Leninist ideology concerning this field, but it didn’t take long for America to catch on. Suddenly, large amounts of money were shoved into science and technology. Schools, colleges, and universities all over the nation included classes like chemistry, physics and calculus. The govt. helped by giving grants to big corps, which in turn was given to fields such as scientific research and development. The govt. developed companies like National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Yes, the Feds formed NASA… no big surprise there, huh? NASA hired the best of the best who would help us get to space; whether it be manned, unmanned, or virtually.

Space was the final frontier back then, and somewhere we Americans were falling behind on getting into. Americans felt, I believe, that they had no choice but to form companies that like the one the Department of Defense created, Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), to develop war tools like rockets, computers, weapons, and the very first net. And, even though Sputnik only replied back with a few beeps and blurbs, it was something we Americans feared and lacked.  So to combat that fear, we developed a net for our leaders to communicate, but even this initial web still had disadvantages and could be tampered with. Firstly, we had to get our web off the ground (info was transferred through lines and wires) and into space. (Btw, DARPA and ARPA is the same thing. The name keeps changing back and forth over the years, but it’s the same company.) Scientists and military “think tankers” gathered out of that panic, and in 1962 a scientist named J.C.R. Licklider, a M.I.T and ARPA scientist, came up with an idea ensuring that that fear was met with a new found technology. He developed the first net. It was called ARPAnet. Licklider created a way for computers to transfer information to another computer. There were many computers out there, but none communicated to one another. Most were used for math or scientific computing. It took seven years for the first “node to node” to come about.

 In 1969, Professor Leonard Kleinrock and his student, Charlie Kline, sent the very first transferred message from UCLA computer lab to Stanford labs. The message sent was suppose to read “LOGIN” when received, but after the first two letters were sent the whole thing crashed. It was the first crash; one that taught them so much. L.O., hummm? Sounds a bit like “Hello?” (Just a quick tidbit: Apple’s first computers sold for $666. Yep.  So many signs that this might not have been a good thing.) This first message was sent straight through, from “node to node”, and no one thought about security until later. If one was on the internet they could pick up whatever is running through the Web, until another MIT scientist came up with “packet switching.” Packet/Blocks of information could now be directed from one place to another directly instead of just hanging in a virtual space. This was the first attempt at securing information, but it was still a shaky idea. In 1969, there were only four computers set up to this first internet. Yep, only four. Amazing how those numbers have changed, huh?

Back then fear created the internet; now fear is about to police it. Fear hasn’t quite yet destroyed the internet all together, and I believe never will; after all, destroying communication is a war-time powerful way of defeating your enemies (or one’s self); but these new Monitors of the Internet can deny it or dummy it down to the public. It will be a somewhat slow process, but it will happen. You’ll go to a website you saw yesterday, and boom, it’s gone.

When I first starting learning in college about the internet, I used to tell fellow students that I thought there would came a day when they would police our internet. People thought I was crazy, but the truth has already begun with the installation of fiber optics. This started an Internet2. With only 60,000 governmental agencies on Internet2, it is faster for requested  information than the World Wide Web (WWW), which was created by a Swede named Bern, the guy we all think is the initiator of all this. Not! He just created the web that we understand today.

Today this fear is felt by the leaders of our world, all right, but now it’s not a country’s leaders fearing another country wiping out communications; whereas the internet was developed for. No, today’s leaders fear that information being leaked will show all of their corruption. Through hacks we now know that they know, that we know, that they know…and so on. The problem is- even if this new entity tries to control the web, the web has already been spun out, and the impression it has left on this world is unstoppable. If the NWO did shut down the internet completely, or try to monitor and control it, we already know what they are up to.

A third of the world uses the internet; that’s 2.46 billion people! That’s a lot of people to upset if the net crashes like the first system, I would think. But fear not so suddenly, we all have been fooled about this take-over date of October 1st. This policing of the internet idea had been pushed by the past three Presidents; only Obama, who has the last authority to push it all the way through, which he just did. It’s all part of a bigger NWO plan and he plays the puppet role so well.

Have you noticed the censorship of words like Hillary Clinton have not been censored the past 6 weeks, and are now being censored again? Remember Facebook did it for awhile, but a month and a half ago they stopped doing it? Why? Because it cost a shit load of money, that’s why, and Mark Zuckerberg was tired of paying that bill. He decided since the ICANN was going to take over policing the web, why should he continue to pay for this service. With this stop and restart, one can only assume the NWO is in enforcement already since Mark is done paying for it.

The White House emails were recently hacked, as we all know. And, all this is just in time for the NWO to take over the Web. You would think with all the money the Clinton’s took into their Foundation, ($100 BILLION, btw) they would at least hire an IT person that was smart enough not to leave a hole open for the world to jump through. Literally, this is what happened. She had a private server in her basement in fear of the public knowing her real business and affairs, meanwhile leaving our “secrets” open to the enemies of our nation. She used 12 devices for communication during her time as Sect. of State. She didn’t think about security until the shit hit the fan. And when it did, she blamed her own daughter for erasing those emails that we all want to see during a post-pregnancy fit. What? Apparently, she wiped it clean with a (baby blanket) cloth?? Or, did they pay a tremendous amount of money to a company to not only erase the info, but make sure it’s never recovered again. I’ll go with the latter, and so did the Clintons.

Whistle Blowers are coming to the plate and risking their lives for leaking this thing called “information” coming out of the WH and elsewhere, and it gets worse…This newly hacked info goes back to all of them from around ’69 to the present: Nixon, Johnson, Ford, Carter, Bush Sr., Capt. Rape himself-Clinton, Bush again (What is wrong with this country?), to Spiderman, and any other representative that used that server. Reps like, yes, Mrs. Clinton, as well. It’s just too bad that these leaders didn’t take a quick class on how the internet works so that one day they wouldn’t be hacked!! My God, are you kidding me?

So, enjoy the internet now, for it will all change midnight Sept. 30th. Like most of Obama’s signed executive orders, history will be made over-night, while you sleep. Freelance news media sites, like Alex Jones, will be removed from the Web, and others will be policed so severely that they may disappear on their own.



I left links where I could within the article, but here are more Links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6jb8o0s9M8






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