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Nov 8th, Will Enough Electoral College Rats Jump From Hillary's Ships?

When it comes to the US presidential elections, the process that leads to a candidate’s election has gotten less attention.

The popular vote “does not determine the winner” on Tuesday. Rather, it is the “majority of electoral votes” who will win the top job.

The Electoral College was established after “the nation’s founders saw it as a compromise between electing the President by a popular vote among citizens and electing the President in Congress.

At the end of the day, the winner of the election is chosen by 538 electors, across different states based on each state’s representation in Congress. A candidate only needs 270 votes.

Almost all of the states, except for Maine and Nebraska, use the “winner-take-all” basis, which means the candidate with the most votes gets the most number of electors.

The candidate with the most popular vote would still lose the race to the candidate with the most electoral vote.

Remember, that former US president George W. Bush was able to defeat his Democratic rival Al Gore to the White House in 2000, using that very flaw. He was over 500,000 votes behind but had secured 271 electoral votes, compared to Gore’s 266.

The US political system is “the most sophisticated form of repression that has existed in history.”

“There is no democracy in America, it is an oligarchy in the sense that the rich and the powerful basically control the system and perpetuate the means by which they maintain that power." We will all find out how rigged the system is come Nov 8th, and just how many rats have jumped from Hillary's Ships, based on the outcome of, "The Electoral College Votes."

Editors Note: 

America Calls Foul From Sidelines But “Publicly Fail” To Demand Justice! WTF?

The American people continue to blame the few who are actually standing up for not correcting the problems we face. Wikileaks for not releasing enough, FBI for failing, Wikileaks has released enough already to the world to bring down the house. It is the American people who have failed each other by not standing up and bringing Down the house themselves.

To this day the people as a collective, have failed to publicly call for an end to anything. America relies on one or a few to do their bidding, and if they feel they let them down, they cry foul from the sidelines, instead of standing together, and publicly dealing with it themselfs. 

Despite the final election results, the public lesson learned should be, "we need to learn how to stand up together, and speak out together for ourselves."

By doing so, the results of those who are standing up to help us, will be better served, as well as us.

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