Syria Air Strike Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down?

  Last week as the President was being served a "beautiful piece of chocolate cake", the United States launched an air strike on a Syrian airbase in response to a chemical weapons attack as ordered by Bashar Assad. Finally, America had a President that didn't mince words, walked the walk, and didn't just talk the talk. President Obama drew his infamous "red line" against Assad and failed to follow up. In doing so, America appeared weak. America's words meant nothing. President Trump's air strike spoke volumes, but in hindsight, was it smart?

     Was it smart to get involved in a nation that is a hot mess of war, turmoil, confusion and strife? Was it smart when it is Assad who is protecting the Christians in Syria? Was it smart when it is Assad who is fighting and winning a war against ISIS? Was it smart when it put our poor relations with Russia to an all time low? Was it smart when it heightened and strengthened the relations between Syria, Russia, and Iran? Was it smart when it is still questionable as to whether or not it was in fact Assad who ordered the chemical weapons attack? Was it smart when it has been reported that the President launched the air strikes due to the First Daughter, Ivanka, and chief adviser urging him to do so? It has been reported that First Daughter Ivanka,, was deeply moved by the images of the children suffering from the affects of being attacked by the sarin gas attack, and therefore she wanted her father to take action. Perhaps the First Daughter should know that worldwide on a daily basis, children are being tortured, and massacred. Would she then want the President to declare war on all those persecuting children? Was the air strike on Syria smart when there are conflicting reports of Assad being framed in the past for using chemical weapons against his own people? Was it smart when it appears no one is 100% certain without a shade of doubt that Assad was the one responsible for the sarin gas attack? Was it smart?

   Was the air strike against Syria smart? I honestly don't know. What I do know from being in touch with a Syrian who is in the Kurdish army is that he, a Kurd, could care less about those affected by the Sarin gas attack. In fact, the young soldier referred to those affected as, "Arab pigs".  Who's who? What's what? Who are the good guys? Who are the bad guys? Which team are we on? Do we even know the good team from the bad team? The fact is, I have doubt that anyone really knows. If a Kurdish Syrian soldier doesn't care about those who were victims of the sarin gas attack, why do we? While no one could watch the images of the violent affects of sarin gas on babies, women, men, and children without compassion, it's not our problem. Harsh as it may sound, it's the truth. 

   The fact of the matter is, the Middle East has been turned into hell hole of no return. It is my belief that the Middle East will be fighting until the end of time. A 19 year old Syrian Kurd is fighting with America against ISIS day after day, month after month. While other 19 year olds are going to school, going to movies, playing football, baseball and chasing girls, this young man is fighting. He is fighting ISIS at present. His life is killing the "Arab pigs". He posts pictures of his ISIS captives that one knows will soon be killed. He shows video of shooting ISIS multiple times after the "Arab pigs" are already dead. He fights alongside friends and loses some along the way. He hopes one day America will intervene and remove Bashar al-Assad. He fights for his freedom against the "Arab pigs". Who is he? He is good I am lead to believe, so who were the people struck by the sarin gas attack? They were "Arab pigs" according to the Syrian Kurdish soldier. Were they ISIS followers? Do we know? Can we know? Who is this Kurdish soldier? Is he Muslim? Is he Christian? No he is not. He is Jewish. He is Jewish, yet he wants  Kurdistan to take over all of Syria and move to Israel. Israel is predominately Jewish, yet he refers to them as the "Arab pigs". Who's who, what's what, is from all indications anybody's guess.

    They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. The stabilization of any country we have attempted to aid has failed, and it has failed miserably. While there's talk of  National Security Advisor, L.T. Gen. H. R. McMaster placing 150,000 troops in Syria, the President says he has no plans of getting involved in Syria. Let us hope the President doesn't change his mind as he has on several statements made. The fact is, America can not and should not get involved in the war in Syria. We can not get involved in a region that is forever at war with one another. The war between those of various religions and beliefs will never be solved. While it is disturbing to watch the continuous attacks on innocent civilians, it's not our problem. 

    America appeared strong with its air strike against Assad, but what if anything did it accomplish?  A week later at least 110 people, many of them innocent children, were killed in a suicide attack near Idlib, Syria. It intensified already tense relations with Russia and Iran. It gave a  false hope to the civilians in Syria that America would rid them of Bashar al-Assad. It showed the world President Trump is unafraid to use weaponry to show America's strength. Was the air-strike on a Syrian air-base that was left operable a smart move? I'm not so sure.It's one of a conundrum that's for certain. What I am certain of, is that it's a war America should never be in and it's a war no one will ever win. It's a war that if declared, could well lead to WW III ,and that's a war, let us pray will never be.
(C) Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2017
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