Ted Cruz Should Be Ashamed Of Himself For Defending Trump Who Called His Wife Ugly

Ted Cruz Should Be Ashamed Of Himself For Defending Trump Who Called His Wife Ugly. (9 May 2017)

Ted Cruz may be the only man who can save the GOP health bill.

James Comey, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Mexico, GOP, Democrats, Aryan Brotherhood.

Sally Yates and Ted Cruz go head-to-head on Trump's travel ban.

Ted Cruz Announces Support for Donald Trump.

Ted Cruz Tried To Corner Sally Yates On The Law. He Failed..

Sally Yates humiliates Ted Cruz after he tried to corner her on the Muslim ban.

Ted Cruz rips 'idiots' protesting Trump.

Did Trump Have Inside Help In Defeating Ted Cruz In The Primaries?

Trump accuses Cruz of stealing Iowa caucuses.

Trump’s female problems: Donald Trump’s attack on Ted Cruz’s wife proves he’s too sexist to stand a chance against Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump Targets Ted Cruz's Wife on Twitter Again.

Donald Trump Admits Comparing His Wife and Ted Cruz’s Was Wrong.

Timeline of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz bickering about their wives.

Trump tweets threat about Cruz's wife.

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