TERRIFIC Donald Trump Interview With Sean Hannity – May 18th 2016 Must See!

TERRIFIC Donald Trump Interview With Sean Hannity – May 18th 2016 Must See!

Published on May 18, 2016

Courtesy: Fox News
During an interview on Hannity, Donald Trump expressed gratitude to the women who came out in his defense after the New York Times published an unfavorable story about his history with women.

Rowanne Brewer Lane, Senada Adzem and Carrie Prejean have all defended Trump since the story was published. Lane and Prejean said the Times manipulated what they were saying to make Trump look bad.

"To think what they did, they put themselves out on the line to do this for me," he said. "And I haven't spoken to them in many years. So, I just have such respect for them."

Trump said what was contained in the story "frankly, wasn't even that bad."

"How do you compare that against (Bill) Clinton, what Clinton's done?"

Hannity wondered aloud if the Times would interview Juanita Broderick, Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey, saying that "in one case, it's about exposure; in another case, it's about groping and fondling and touching against a woman's will."

"And rape," Trump added.

Donald Trump sat down with Sean Hannity for a full hour to discuss a wide range of topics, including his newly unveiled list of potential Supreme Court justices.

“I wanted to put this list out because I wanted to quell any fears that people may have,” Trump said.

Trump ran through the list of 11 federal and state judges, saying he was either going to choose from that pool or choose someone "very close in terms of what they represent."

He confirmed to Hannity that his judicial philosophy is constitutionalist.

"I want high intellect, I want great intellect. These people are all of very high, high intellect. They're pro-life."

Trump said that it was important he put the list out, "because perhaps outside of the defense of our country, perhaps the single most important thing the next president is going to do is pick Supreme Court justices."

"If Hillary Clinton, for some reason, wins, your country will never be the same because she's going to put disasters in the Supreme Court."

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