The Clinton’s and their plan to take down America…continued

The Clinton's have, since they have been able to form a concept of what they thought this nation should be, always admired the Communist form of government.  They have for some reason always seen Communism as the greatest, purest form of government. They always preadventure themselves at the head of that government.

Just like I was talking about previously while discussing the Clinton SYSTEM (they learned from Larry Nichols x government assassin, to his own admission and money launderer) we are talking about the impoverished, it is not too horrible to be in those types of countries if YOU ARE THE LEADER, but when you  down in those countries and are at the bottom end, IT's real difficult.  

The Clinton's, when they envision Communism, they see their role being at the tip top.  There are two great forces of evil in this world, there's the evil criminal element and the evil communist element. Those two forces are moving headlong into competition for ruling the world.

The Clinton's, as I see it, see themselves as the head of both elements.  As Larry Nichols told me.  "Back in Arkansas, when the Cold War was hot and heavy and on one could do business with the Soviet Union or with China, ARKANSAS was selling rice and soybeans to many Communist nations  which other states couldn't sell to at all.


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