The Democrats and many Republicans fear Donald Trump because he has the ability to break up the political monopoly that they play every day

 Donald Trump will always have a unique ability to break up political monopolies. 📢   The Republicans and the Democrats for many years of look the other way as our country is  slowly being destroyed from within our  Borders📢  


Our current administration does not care about the American people and the constitution and what the American people stand for📢   It's time for the people that love this country to make a change and a big serious change we need better people in our political arena to save this country📢  


If we don't make the serious changes that are needed our country as we know it would drastically change in a negative way📢  


We also have to think about the African-American community that is been voting for Democrats for I don't know how many years and they keep going down financially and their family structure has been destroyed by the Democrats they want to keep them divided📢  


There are so many people out there that want to vote for Democrats and all they do is vote for their self-destruction it's happen for so many years and look at the Clinton foundation look at that deceptive fraudulent so-called foundation what does it really do📢  I will tell you what it does it lines Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton's pockets with deep amounts of cash from countries that do not believe in our way of life and I cannot believe that Hillary Clinton will take large sums of money from other countries that do not like us and do not respect this country📢  


Large number of the people that give Hillary Clinton money for their so-called foundation actually want to destroy this country and Hillary Clinton knows that these people have no respect for women and she knows how they abuse children and women and she still takes money from them never says anything negative about them just as long as they give her cash📢  



I would like for people to make a post on this particular review and tell me why you vote for Democrats such as Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton what have they done for you other than increase your taxes and give you such a shitty healthcare system because they I'm sure helped Obama implement Obamacare,  and bottom line is you get screwed and text more📢


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