The First Woman President Is Ivanka Trump

The First Woman President Is Ivanka Trump. (13 Apr. 2017)

#FreeMaribel: Amos Project asking Ivanka Trump to intervene in local mother’s deportation.

Queer chef declines being interviewed for Ivanka Trump's website by spitting straight truth.

Scarlett Johansson Rips 'Cowardly' Ivanka Trump Over Role in Father's Administration.

Ivanka Trump Is Complicit in President Donald Trump's Evil Administration.

Ivanka Trump's Role In Syria Airstrikes.

Ivanka Trump's Evolving Role in the White House.

CNN's Jake Tapper Slams Ivanka Trump For Hypocrisy On Syria.

Ivanka Trump Influenced Her Father's Decision to Bomb Syria, President's Son Eric Says.

Do Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Have Too Much Power? The Manning Report

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