The Inevitable, Ultimate Stupidity of The Left- History Will Teach Them Nothing

The Inevitable, Ultimate Stupidity of The Left- History Will Teach Them Nothing


In a historical and unprecedented moment in American History a person who has never served in office, held no significant military rank or a Nobel Peace Prize Donald J. Trump became the 45th President of The United States.

Stunningly he was able to single handedly wipe clean a primary stage of over 20 Republican Candidates, defy all the odds of a phalanx of Media rejection, Party rejection, minimal funding and the powerful, Soros funded and corrupt DNC.

At times his candor would make a Soviet Shock Troop blush and each and every time the Media declared his candidacy DOA. But Donald J Trump kept on swinging and kept on point with a simple message we have all been wanting for some time now: Make America Great Again!

While gladly taking his campaign donations in the past both the Republican and Democrat Establisment Elites were hell bent on destroying this man and his message. Once it became clear Trump was picking off the oppositon one by one the remaining few tried to stay relevant by 'adopting' some of his positions. It was too late. Even the money from George Soros couldn't keep Kasich in the race and he too finally caved. On Convention night to a packed audience the perfectly coffered nominee walked out onto the stage and laid out his vision for our nation.

During the debates it became obvious to the nation that Hillary was paddling upstream. While 'technically' Trump lost the debates the nation watched Clinton squirm as her opponent hammered her on Benghazi, e-mails, corruption, rigging the primaries and Bill's history of sexual abuse. Clinton's responses of trying to paint Trump as crazy and imagining things did not stick. The look on Bill's face as he eyed Willy, Broderick and Jones sitting in the audience was priceless. He didn't know whether to shit or go blind.

The Donald took a play from the Liberal Playbook. I saw it. Few others did.

Keep the message simple and keep repeating it. Only this time there was one element that he changed. This time it was the truth. Clinton's use of homophobia, mysognony, racism, bigotry (ad nausium) were only affective to her far left base, especially the ones bussed in purposely for her rallies. Trump was materfull in sending out Tweets, e-mails and Facebook invites to a rally nearby and tens of thousands would show up all on their own. And this did not happen just a few times but each and every time he appeared somewhere in America.

On election night as I broadcasted my show tracking the numbers roll in it became clear within the first hour this was going to be a route for Clinton. Rumors of her freaking out at her New York Headquarters swirled. How could this happen? How could 'some guy' beat the Democrat Political Machine?

Because the machine had stopped working.

While history may teach us nothing what people do understand is what is going on in their own lives. Delusional Barak Obama who still clings to his Presidency as a success is a sad reminder of the mental disorder known as Liberalism. Denial being the main symptom. His Executive Orders, his push for expanded Government, a corrupt IRS, DOJ, BLM, EPA even Justice Roberts claiming Obamacare is nothing more than a tax are all examples of the mindset of Elitism. That they know better how to run our lives than we ourselves do and we best better comply or the long arm of Washington will reach out and crush you.

Think about this any time you have dealt with some 'official'. Was that experience pleasant? Did they do everything they could to 'help' you? Most likely not. Lets us never forget how the Bundys and Finicums were treated under a Leftist Administration. Reminds me of Waco, Gonzalez and Ruby Ridge under another, past Leftist Administration.

And they don't get it either. They still think they are king shits in the dog park. Over the past ten years Democrats have been sent packing. Over 1200 seats have been lost by them from Senate, Congress, Governors, State Legislatures, Mayoral, Selectmen, even dog catcher! The few states that are controlled by Democrats are bankrupt, sanctuary states. Regulations drive out businesses. Civil forfeiture is rampant because they have no other way to generate revenue. Pensions are now unfunded liabilities, Unions extract more, drive up costs of projects and in every Democrat controlled state the cost of living is exhorbitant. All driven by a thirst for more and more and more. It was only a matter of time before this whole Leftist machine would come to its inevitable stupidity.

I think it is this penchant for control that the Left is in shock over the election results. They felt secure in their own bullshit. The snowflakes melting away because a little heat is being applied to them is symptomatic of this false sense of security. Being coddled all their lives millenials cannot comprehend what has happened to them and their beloved aparacheque politique. The rioting is just another example of the control of propaganda. Spin it as a protest. Make no mistake, they are nothing more than Brown Shirts. Well funded and well organized. How is it that fleets of busses were on standby 24 hours after the polls closed on Nov. 9th?

Enough is enough! The riots, crying, harrassment of family members on plane flights, countless Youtube vids of Trump supporters being filmed and accosted by 'tolerant' Liberals, Joy Bahar and Whoopie, etc ad-nausium is only showing the rest of America (the 3000+ Counties that went Trump) exactly why we repudiated you!

The argument of " What if Republicans were doing this?" is pointless. We all know the answer and we also know we on the Right would never conceave of doing such things. I would posit we continue to let the Left implode. Let them expose themselves for the ilk that they are. They have nothing left in the arsenal. Just like when Patton saw the Germans were using stolen ox carts to move supplies he realized the war was over…They are running out of gas.

This is why at zero hour an eleven year old comment was released to the Media made by the President Elect about 'grabbing pussy'.. It was all they had left.

The Clintons are criminals and she did not win the popular vote. All she got was 'X'. If we had 100% voter registration (legal!) and 100% voter turnout?.. Then, yes! Maybe she would have won the popular vote. Given the actual county map it would have been unlikely though, even many Trump supporters did not vote for one reason or another.. The inability for the Left to see the shady backdrop of the Clintons and still push for Hillary's election tells us one of two things: Either their supporters are very well paid or incredibly stupid.

There is little more we can do on the rhetorical end to hasten the final destruction of the worst political party in American history. They are doing it all by themselves. As a Trump Presidency ascends and our economy starts moving, our government becomes more focused on real issues and we begin to see the fruits of our labor will we then see the Left wither away. They will continue to lob insults, riot and claim racism and the rest of America will watch them do it all on TV. And, like a bystander who shakes their head at a petulent child at the checkout counter because they can't get the toy they want Americans will turn further away realizing the true nature of Liberalism.

Trump's remarks have done nothing to promote hate in America. At no time have there been riots, car burnings, highway blockage or assaults pertpetrated by Trump voters following Nov. 8th.

I will let the reader stop here and Google all the myriad of Trump violence flooding our nation. Que Jepoardy Theme here..

Now Google all the Anti-Trump protests..

I thought so.

And the Left wont understand it either. The worn out playbook does not work anymore. The 'gotcha' porno journalism does not work anymore. Fraudulent votes and fraudulent protests do not work anymore.

Eventually they will slip into that inevitable and ultimate stupidity and history will have taught them nothing.


…. And That Is The Diatribe….


Christopher Maider is the producer/broadcaster of The Meat And Potatoes Show on He is the Owner/Writer of The Lexington Green on He is a Board member and Media Liaison of The Worcester Tea Party. His Company page can be found on

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