The Joe Walsh Talk Show AM 560 Chicago He is a guy trying to wake up Americans

Joe Walsh Show – 

September 29, 2016

The Joe Walsh  talk show is a great show that many  should listen to  to me he sounds very informative trying to wake the American people up. There are so  there are so many politicians in Washington DC that are  doing whatever they can to take  your freedom away from you.   

The politicians that are trying to save our freedom are few and  extremely hard to find.  I would like to ask you what would you do if all of your freedom was taken away from you how would you feel ?  Americans better wake up there are people in other countries that hate this country and they will do whatever they can to destroy this country.   If Americans don't wake up we are in trouble.

We have to come together collectively as a team of Americans who love this country and stand up against politicians  that do not respect the Constitution and respect the freedom that we've been given by the founding fathers of this country


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