The Propaganda War Against Trump Escalates, Posting Their Articles Not Helping!

Editorial / published 11-23-2016 Todays between the lines report.

The Propaganda War Against Trump Escalates, Posting Their Articles Not Helping!

As articles are being written on false, and misleading allegations against Trump, they are being refueled by those who are posting them, and those who are reposting them. 

Claims of Trump "backsliding" on statements made during the campaign are not true in any way. Just because he said, "he doesn't want to hurt the Clintons" doesn't mean he won't pursue prosecution. He has yet to make any such statement that he won't. The media, and press have created their own version, and misinterpretation regarding this and other topics.

Wording on actual statements made by Trump are being twisted, and re-phrased into very misleading propaganda by both the media, and the press. This is a total drive mechanism driven, and financed by Soros, and the DNC. It seems as though, people have forgotten how the mainstream media works, and who owns the media, including the press! Let alone, a Corrupt Government Administration. Their fight is far from over. 

By posting / re-posting their articles, we are only aiding them in their quest to discredit, and destroy Trump before the Electoral Process this December on the 19th. 

Even posting / re-posting articles on the protesters, is only aiding their attention, and furthers politicizes their agenda.


We will be removing people who post / re-post these type of  articles, as mentioned above. We will not feed their agenda.


A better served public agenda should be; a very loud outcry for justice to be served on Clinton, and Soros every day. It's up to the public to address this issue. And yet the public fails to do so.


The Honesty Broadcasting Network is committed to the Positive, no mater how negative.

Editor: Thomas Pugh


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