Time to drink deep into the situation around 1095 and beyond when a series of crusades launched by the Knights Templar and their backers pushed back against the darkness from the east. Ahh! Cheers. Today, a similar darkness approaches. Here’s to this piece of work called planet earth. Here’s to the world situation today which mirrors the world situation in 1939, when Hitler’s magic spell over world leaders was at its peak. Back then, this former visitor of the soup kitchens of Vienna and then German dictator, had conquered Austria and Czechoslovakia without firing a single shot. Whose spell are you under today and where is it going? Who is walking over you for free? Can spells be seen in terms of good and evil? It looks that way to us over here at word4word where we try to keep our ears to the ground and antennas in the wind. We are reminded by the ancients that logic has its own spell as does emotion but that the spell of logic is often safer. Here is to those whose arguments are driven more by logic than by emotion. Cheers. Mmm.

Here at word4word, we try to keep our ears to the pavement as we listen through the many noises, sound and video bites of an internet civilization with intent to hear even the background hum of the cosmic microwave background which funny enough, sounds like music. More music, art and entertainment all commingled with politics and revolution should be dropping more and more often from word4word (more about the word4word art movement too).

Speaking of the world, what happens in America affects the whole world. Is the world indeed prepared to easily believe unsubstantiated claims from a bunch of women rather than Wikileaks in black & white is a sick world that needs Jesus. Who then is he whom God has chosen as a means of buying just a little more time to show mercy to a fallen world?

Historians speak of 3 key ingredients for a successful revolutionary action: first is resolute leadership. Then comes the willingness of the masses to follow the idea of the revolution. Finally, there is the right choice of time. The resolute leadership of the Republican candidate whose central idea is freedom, law and order has been able to draw a huge amount of popular support and must now go ahead to choose November 8th wisely. The election must not choose the movement. Rather the movement must choose the election otherwise rigging wins.

What happens in America affects the whole world and not least of all Nigeria where one finds an interesting resonance. For instance, for the first time in Nigerian history, two major political parties seem to be developing some of the features of the American Republican and Democratic parties. The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) seems to be developing a Republican orientation while the All Peoples Congress (APC) appears to moving towards what many regard as the weird ways of Obama and the democratic party. Trump has weird sides to. Can weirdness be construed in terms of good and evil?

Word4Word is transmitting from Nigeria and will be letting a great deal hang out (to dry) every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Monday to step into the week with out readers, a short hot piece mid week Wednesday and of course a Thank-God-Its-Friday piece to step into the weekend groove with out readers.

Our kickoff painting shows a piece from the annual Life In My City Art Festival (LIMCAF) which is 10 years old this month. This piece reflects that agonizing life situation where extreme poverty lives next door to extreme wealth. The tearful child in the foreground contrasts the background of wealth as captured by the shapes and figures that recall oil installations and refineries. That is our situation. Therefore stay with us as we continue to measure the force and direction of the second American Revolution and much more.

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