The True Face of Mitt Romney

It's high time to call out this snake known as Mitt Romney. His Father George, was an insider-elite of the Republican ruling class, and the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. We, the people, surely dodged a bullet 4 years ago, when this reprobate went down in defeat to the current left wing-globalism, radical-islam-aiding, previously unknown, communist con artist, BHO, aka Barry Soetoro. Wouldn't Mitt have been better, you ask? Consider this, If Romney would have won, we would have the same ruling class criminals controlling all the levers of power, while they continue to lie to us about what they are doing. It's true that Barry boy has caused much damage and is by no means finished with the wrecking ball, but he has served one very valuable purpose….his lawless disregard for the Constitution has exposed the very same in the 'opposition' party as evidenced by their absence of any effort to stop him. Isn't it better now that we know the demoncats and reprobaticans are nothing but two heads of the same hydra? With his current Alinsky-ite blitzkrieg attack on the Republican front runner, Donald Trump, Romney has shown his true colors. Blue. As in blue-blood ruling class shill. No matter what you think of the Donald, if you are swayed by the latest captain of the circular firing squad, Romney, excess intelligence is not one of your attributes. Note to Mitt: When Saul Alinsky instructed you on these tactics, in the book, 'Rules for Radicals', he meant for you to implement them on the opposition party….oh wait, that term is an oxy-moron. We the people are voting for Trump because he is the only one with the guts to turn the light on in DC so we can watch all of you cock-roaches scurry. As of this writing, it looks as if Romney's ruthless and reckless attacks, are having an effect. Be advised ruling class criminals: Donald Trump is not your problem, we, the American People are. You have been exposed. You might take out the Donald, but you can't stop what he represents. You will be thwarted. That is not a threat, It's a promise. That's right Mitt, this isn't bean-bag.

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