Tim Kaine Hildabeast VP pick?

Sources are saying Tim Kaine of VA.  is Hildabeast VP pick, but before you sing for his name in a crowd seems Kaine has a pay-to-play past himself. perfect for the hildabeast running as the Dem. canidate for president. see below:

In 2005, when Tim Kaine was Lt. Governor, he was offered a vacation on the island of Mustique by a member of the Virginia Commission on Higher Education, and Kaine somehow acquired the wisdom after taking the $18,000 gift of this vacation to re-appoint the gift giver to the Board once he became Governor.
That same year, Governor Kaine accepted $3,500 in clothing gifts from Stuart C. Siegal, of S&K fame, to go with $2,000 of clothing Siegal gave him two years earlier. As Governor, Tim Kaine, in a moment of enlightenment, appointed him to the Virginia Racing Commission.

Tim Kaine gave a brief interview this morning where he called on Virginia legislators to work on ethics reform, and in doing so lamented the three ‘high profile challenges’ in recent years Virginia has faced on ethics, Phil Hamilton, Bob McDonnell, and the ongoing Phil Puckett saga. In doing so, he has casually tossed colleague Mark Warner under the bus, who’s involvement in the Puckett saga was stupidity bordering on voting for $4.7 trillion in new spending through the federal government. Warner doesn’t just win, he goes big.

But first, Kaine remarking on any ethics scandal is laughable on its face. Given the new FBI precedent what constitutes bribery and corruption, Tim Kaine is still well within the statute of limitations for his own bribery and corruption trial. Lest we ever forget:


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