Tom Coburn tells Congress: ‘America doesn’t trust you’`

Tom Coburn tells Congress: 'America doesn't trust you'  this is the type of politician that we need an offices nationwide.  



We need politicians that are willing to stand up and express to  all members of Congress and all of the senator members  That the American people are tired of them sitting on their fat butts in Washington DC and doing everything that screws America instead of doing everything that helps Americans.  


Doctor Tom  former US senator from Oklahoma  tells congressional committee that Americans are fed up with the partnership,  wasteful spending,  and overreach. Colburn  left the senate in 2015 to advocate for convention of states Project, the only  congressional solution as big as the D.C. Problem.  


We need to  Focus on political candidates that have a commitment to the constitution and their constituents.  We need to look for political candidates that have a desire to make this country great again just like Donald Trump says.  


We need to remove the political ass kissers in Washington DC that take the pathway of least resistance they are the ones that are screwy this country over.



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