Trump Has A Hotel In Duterte’s Backyard

Trump Has A Hotel In Duterte's Backyard. (2 May 2017)

Donald Trump And Rodrigo Duterte: A Not-So-Surprising Political Friendship.

The story behind Donald Trump and Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte's populist bromance.

Philippines' Duterte says chat with Xi was at Trump's request.

Think twice before casually comparing Duterte and Trump.

Trump’s ‘Very Friendly’ Talk With Duterte Stuns Aides and Critics Alike.

Trump Invites Rodrigo Duterte to the White House.

Trump's embrace of Andrew Jackson could let Democrats steal Honest Abe.

Historians: Trump gets Andrew Jackson and Civil War totally wrong.

Trump: Andrew Jackson would have prevented Civil War.

Trump confident pro-slavery president who once threatened to invade South Carolina would've avoided the Civil War.

All the times Trump has seemed confused about basic U.S. history.

Trump's totally bizarre claim about avoiding the Civil War.

Trump invites Philippines' Duterte to the White House. The Manning Report
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