Trump Makes his First Moves as 45th President

Moving United Nations to Asia and Begins Shut Down of Obamacare, TPP, and NAFTA

Within just minutes of taking the oath as President, Donald J. Trump signed an executive order to rid this nation of Obamacare, keeping his promise to millions of voters who truly made this a deciding issue. Days ago Paul Ryan said to fear not because something better is being put into place for those of you who are scared of losing insurance during this transition. Senators Cassidy & Collins held a press conference today introducing the Patient Freedom Act of 2017, an Obamacare replacement plan. There! Feel better now?

The United Nations is moving! The current UN is located in New York City. It was founded by David Rockefeller in California back in 1944, and then he moved it to the Big Apple in 1945. The town of Kazakhstan in the middle of Asia has been manifesting quite a luxury fortress in the barren region for the long arrival of the UN. Not sure when all this is happening, but in this literally sheepish desert town has risen a stronghold of buildings from glass pyramids to modest high rises. Don’t see any Trump Towers there, but who knows what the future holds. Trump wants to pull out of the UN all together, so the move out should go over pretty smoothly, perhaps similar the Obama’s leaving the WH. I kid. Today, a bill was introduced to pull out of the UN. The US inc. has been paying for 80% of the UN’s costs, and we are done with that! Here is a link to that exact bill. I wonder how they are going to get all their secret stuff out without the public seeing them. Like the Light of Stone….which was placed in the Meditation Room of the UN by Dag Hammarskjold, a former Secretary General of the UN. Don’t they need this Stone of Lucifer to perform their sick lil’ rituals that so many prostitutes of NYC have talked about since the 40’s? Will they be moving this huge, smoothed top, magnetic, self polarized iron ore outside the building and off to Asia, or will they let it remain there for all to see? Oh, did you miss that tour at the UN? That’s because there isn’t one. But you have been seeing it along …since you spent your first dollar. Just look at the one dollar bill and you will see the small, pyramidal, no windowed room in the basement of the UN where this Stone of Light dwells very clearly. Just open your mind. There is more to this story about the stone here.

According to, “Less than one day after being sworn-in as President, Donald Trump has formally invoked the withdrawal by the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and has also formally invoked Renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a trade pact championed by former President Barack Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.” TPP would have given power to Monsanto, China inc, Japan inc, and Elite “Banksta’s”, as Dr. William Mount calls them over US inc. “NAFTA”, he goes on to say, “was designed by the Clinton’s to destroy the American economy. NAFTA will be renegotiated into a real free trade.”


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