Trump Refuses to Shake Hands w/German Leader, Merkel

After all the bullshit talk during the campaign, Trump has kept his anger strong with German leader, Angela Merkel, Hilter's granddaughter. He was asked for 30 billion dollars from her and he told her to go fuck herself. He loves using this phrase, my intel tells me. This is all about the Planet Nibiru and its upcoming arrival. And don't start telling me this shit is not real. Why would they spend trillions of dollars for underground cities like in Denver, NY, and all other foreign country's for nothing? Huh? Wake the fuck up! Yes, this is coming at us. Read the Bible, read the Sumarian tablets, read old Chinese writings, and Mayan text. This has happen before. And it caused pure chaos. Hello, Sodom and Gommorah. Hello Jonah's long day. I have had a reaccuring dream since childhood about a planet on our horizon point, bigger than anything I could ever imagine. It doesn't hit us in my dream, but causes chaos on earth. Why would a spoiled lil brat like me dream this shit? I had perfect attendence in school until one day we had a solar eclipse. My mother insisted I stay home to watch it thru devices we made with cardboard. She kept saying don't look directly into it, but I did. I saw something that no little kid should see. That's for another day. 

Look at the sun. What color is it? Don't lie. It's white! It used to be yellow or orange. NASA has been blocking our sun for many, many years. As we walk blindly thru life. I have a friend of mine going up and down the coast recording the sea life, and guess hwat… there is none!  Kevin Balanch. Trump is a piece of shit. 

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