Trump Vs. Rosie Ending in Rosie’s Favor

What’s the old saying, “Never point your finger at someone, because you’ll have three pointing back at you…” Back in Nov of 2016, Rosie O’Donnell did the lowest thing imaginable and attacked youngest son of Trump, Baron Trump. This boyishly shy, handsome little one of Donald has done in public what every pre-teenagers does, and shows sign of not wanting to be there at some sort of event. Stuck in a suit and tie, this kid just wants to play. No matter what age a kid is, hangin out with your folks is never cool. Especially in front of the world, and especially with MOM, the same Mom who tries to grab your hand while walking in the inauguration next to your amazing father. Oh, poor Baron. Life is so hard. This will all change, I’m hoping, after he gets a bit older. But right now, he is just a young boy in front of the nation for all to see, and all he wants to do is go outside and adventure. So, if he seems a little bored, it’s because of the event, not because of autism, Rosie! And although about a month later she offered the Trumps a belated apology, it just proves once again that her classlessness hasn’t deterred any with age. Under her weak apology, which she gave only after Mrs. Trump threatened to sue, was the real, deep lying factor that her own child has autism!! I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried. She found out in September that her 3 yr old has autism.

So, how does all this slandering end in Rosie’s favor? Well, because last night while you all were sleeping, Trump was raiding the CDC, like he said he would. He called for the invasion by the FBI into the Atlanta building at 3 am, and the results may be shocking. Their decade fight may soon be over if Trump finds links to vaccines in the results and perhaps cure this problem in our country. Autism is not genetic, so ease up on yourselves parents, but the 72 doses required for remaining in public and private schooling may be the reason that 1 in 55 kids have this disease. I had three shots as a kid, that’s it, three! “1 in 55 kids is an epidemic,” O’Donnell wrote. “Donald and I agree on that — and not much else.”

So, whether he did this bitch a favor, or he was just trying to get her to shut up already, it may have worked in her and her daughter’s favor. The CDC can be sued if they did not give Rosie or anyone else an information form on the dangers of the vaccines. The employees knew this was coming last week. They cried to deli owner next door and she reported on it. They cried in the hallways while eating bagels to remain happy.  


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    • The Blaze has an article out that says SNL writer who cut up Baron Trump is now suspended indefinitely. See how apologizing doesn’t fucking matter? These celebs need to watch their mouths. Look at Madonna and her comment of blowing up the Wh, now she is under investigation. Who the fuck does that? I can’t believe I still listen to her music.

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