Trump: Who the Fuck is George Webb?

Recently, President Trump asked who the fuck is George Webb. Well, Mr President, he is an America Hero. Many claim he is the guy doing YOUR job, Mr. President, when it comes to taking down the corruption in our govt. 

Awan Brothers/George Webb Investigation Success


Yes, even Debbie Wasserman Schultz herself is on that list of those under a serious investigation surrounding the Awan Brothers. She can't stop falling over herself. The Daily Caller (and me) reported that her house was raided by the FBI. Nothing was said on the news. This is the same Debbie that threatened the police chief for holding Debbie's equipment for investigation on her and Imran Awan. Link

So, who are the Awan Brothers? One wouldn't know unless one follows George Webb from Day 1 on his series of investigative reporting on them. The Lame Stream Media hasn't mentioned the Awan brothers, ever! They are the IT team that has access to all kinds of shit from at least 30 Democrats who have been share-paying them over 5 million dollars for five years. Imran seems to be the leader to this clan. There are six members to this team. The loving, sneaky, conniving wife of Imran himself was the fourth player in this IT game on Capitol Hill. Back in Feb, 2017, an article came out about the team being under suspicion, then suddenly in March, Mrs. Awan removed her children from school and split the country. Hummm…This lead to the banning of the team in the House since February.

Clearly knowing he was next to be investigating and held, Imran Awan tried to flee the country the other day from Dulles airport. He transferred over 283K to two people in Pakistan before trying to board. When I texted and asked George who he believes are the two people that received that transfer, he said to follow Omar and Mohammad Awan.

It's obvious to this man, George Webb, the links and ties because he has studied this so deeply. Follow George on Youtube or at TruthLeak on Twitter. Try to keep up with his investigation on this and it will lead you down many rabbit holes. What an amazing investigator! This man deserves a Pulitzer's Prize or something.

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