Two Whom It May Concern !

Editors Addition / published 8-27-2016 Todays between the lines report.

Please take this to your groups as a respectful consideration. 
A better approach may be best served by gathering your groups together behind the scenes, letting representatives from the groups supporting, join you on live broadcasts, and refraining from holding public gatherings or attending any protests. ( It's a strategic approach to control the truth, not a retreat. ) 

It would be best served for many reasons. It's hard to put them in any certain order of importance, so I will just present them as a " core " list. 

The Terrorist Hate Groups are feeding off the media, and the opposing public who show up at these protests / rally's regardless if the different sides are across the street from each other or cross town. It's the physical presence they, and the media add to their many psychotic justifications.

If there's no one from our side physically there at any of these protests / rally's, it also takes away their many psychotic justifications, media included.

Their strength comes from the vacuum created by political, and media agenda.
By us stepping out of the physical presence will break that vacuum.


We as a nation are at crucial cross roads to protect the Republic, and the rule of law.


The Honesty Broadcasting Network is committed to the Positive, no mater how negative.

Editor: Thomas Pugh



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