VIDEO: Hillary surrogate says terrorist’s father supports Clinton because he’s ‘mentally ill’… Priceless

A leading Hillary Clinton surrogate on CNN claims Seddique Mateen — the father of Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen — supports Clinton because he’s “mentally ill.”

An unhinged Christine Quinn appeared on CNN on Wednesday in an attempt to explain away why Mateen was sitting in a prominent spot during Clinton’s Kissimmee, Florida rally earlier this week.

Quinn was sparring with Donald Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany when McEnany challenged Quinn.

“Can I ask you a question,” McEnany said.

“No you can’t ask me a question,” Quinn responded, prompting McEnany to say, “Because you can’t answer the question.”

“You can’t ask me a question, honey, I can’t answer,” Quinn shouted.

“What attracted the father of the Orlando terrorist to your candidate?” McEnany asked.

“He’s a mentally ill individual –” Quinn responded as she cut herself off to yell “Pardon me!” at McEnany.

“Oh, I get it,” McEnany followed up. “What attracted him to your candidate and your answer was he’s mentally ill.”

Then Quinn really melted down and just sputtered any word she could think of before finally saying, “Stop smiling and smirking like it’s a funny thing…”

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