Wall Street whistleblower drops Clinton Foundation bombshell Politician Reviews

 If Hillary Clinton is so trustworthy why is it that she will not release the names of country leaders that are donating money to her so-called foundation ?  So much for transparency. The American public should see everything that's going on in that so-called "foundation"  I think every dollar that goes into that foundation and every dollar that extracted from that foundation should be revealed on the Internet to each and everyone who wants to read what's really going on in that so-called foundation ….

Share this website with your friends on Facebook and other social media.  Ask yourself do you really want foreign leaders to have control or should I say power over our next president ?  


Hillary Clinton would be in debt to them on a very large scale if she became president she would owe them something.  You're not giving her money because they like who she is they're giving her money because if he becomes president they will get what they want from her after she acquires power over the American people.




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