What’s your opinion about the pope ?

Published on Sep 22, 2015Pope Francis Arrives in the United States at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland. He is greeted by President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden.


Tell me what you think about the pope I think he tries to influence our political system in this country. I also think that he's trying to get the American people to support refugees from other countries and get more money.



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  1. What do I think about the Pope? I think he is a scumbag that needs to go back to his walled community and quit dictating our lives over here. Go back to the observation facility and tell us the truth about these 9-10 planets that are surrounding us. Even though there is nothing on the walls of his main church that indicate the Lord, he is still believed as a “good” guy. He’s not. He is pure evil!!

  2. The Pontiff does not represent the Catholics or anyone else but the Vatican and himself. He has no business trying to influence the government of the USA. The Catholics I know feel he is a reprehensible person and does NOT speak for them.

    • Drew I totally agree with you he does not care about catholics at all and he believes in the Muslims and what they stand for because he’s afraid of them

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