I hope everybody’s happy getting fucked when they buy gasoline.

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  • Jun / 09 / 2022
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Maybe all Americans will wake up and start voting for people that believe in oil and gasoline you’re going to continue to get fucked for the next two years I should say the next 2 1/2 years. We have plenty of oil in the United States where everybody could get gasoline for $1.95 a gallon the fucking liberals in Washington DC the DC Maggots are doing this to us on purpose and how long are we gonna put up with this fucking bullshit. !!!

Every American needs to wake up if they’re in office get rid of them I don’t give a shit who it is I don’t trust Kari Lake she’s been regurgitating what the Teleprompter tells her at Fox 10 for the last 27 years and now she wants to act like she is a diehard conservative it’s all political bullshit. Wake up America I don’t give a shit what state you live in you were getting fucked on purpose because that’s what the liberals do best they fuck the American people and they import illegal immigrants and what you thinks gonna happen after that is done those people are going to work for less money than the American people so the American people get fucked from a different direction also a new direction.

How much longer are you going to put up with this political bullshit ? And by the way if you love guns post whatever kind of Second Amendment news of your choice about guns about ammunition about gun dealers who cares I don’t care if you go to a gun event and post gun event news like gun shows tell the liberals you’re not giving up the Second Amendment tell them to piss off as they say in the UK.


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