It’s a sad thing when criminals use guns to kill people. There’s a reason we have the second amendment.

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  • Jun / 11 / 2022
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Americans who love guns need to vote for politicians who believe in the Second Amendment. If you believe in being able to protect yourself and your family and your law abiding citizen you need to stand up for any political candidate of your choice that believes in the Constitution as well as the second amendment. Take a look at what happened to people in Australia after their government took their guns away from them. The biggest problem they have is what we have over here in the United States our governments don’t wanna go after the criminals.

The criminals are the problem not the guns. Usually when a group of politicians want to take guns away from the people there is another big step right after that if they’re able to complicate taking your guns away from you. I don’t know of any government that really wants to go after criminals. A lot of governments don’t want to go after the criminals they need them out there to justify trying to take guns away from you.


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