A Begining To A No End !

Revised Addition / published 8-14-2016 Todays between the lines report.

Editors Note; "Are these next; Statue of Liberty, Washington &  Lincoln Monument, War Monuments, Martin Luther King Monument etc? Streets, Highways & Schools being renamed because some find there names offensive. Are people who took the names of people from history going to change their names, will they be forced to do so, will they be relocated or torn down?  
As sarcastic as this scenario may sound, there's more reality to it than sarcasm. 
Removing a statue, changing a street sign won't change anything, because you cain't change the history that goes with them."

The whole thing is a beginning to a no end.

News Event / published 8-12-2017 Todays between the lines report.

From the Editor To the USA;
Anti Christian, and Racism has grown to an alarming level. Now rounded in a circle that only comes back to the same starting point with seemingly no end. No matter what color you use to draw a circle, it's still a circle. 

A point is something that illustrates a direction. More now hold dear the ghosts of the past, and more Anti Christians try to bring them back to life. It's them that now keeps those ghosts shackled to the pole by chain, trapped walking that circle. It's time to free those ghost, and start letting them go to the light, so we as a society may start to heal, and move farther forward.

We are all being taken advantage of by Political Anti Christian Socialists, that strive to keep these circles formed.

The re-naming of roads, and highways with Anti Christian Names, is an atrocity larger than the accused reminders wished to be removed. The only thing that has been accomplished by these acts is not only anti Christian, but Tierney against ones self. 

We people as a Nation, should have long since risen above the atrocities from the past.
– But as long as Anti Christians are at the helm, it will only fester, and escalate. 
The mire though of the reasoning behind removing Confederate Flags, and Monuments is obscured! They need to remain standing, as they are not representation of triumph, they are reminders for future generations, so atrocities on all mankind will not be repeated.

Until we as a society, stop allowing ourselves to be wrongfully influenced by others, and allow them to go unpunished, we will all remain enslaved, to the teeter totter of bigotry and betrayal to all.

The prior administration created, and fueled the division within our country with the Ferguson incident that was based on lies, deceit, greed, and Allot of money.
Knowing all they had to do was prop this picture up by some half-truth here and there and allow the natural prejudice of people to fill in the rest.

Add drama, emphasising it’s all the fault of a clear-cut group, so the speakers lobbing this verbal artillery, and their followers, can feel somehow blameless.
The formula is therefore simple: make people, already nervous, feel terrible, and then emphasize it’s all because of a group, lying within, foreign and menacing. Then make your target audience feel good by offering up what is a fantasy to them, but a horrendous injustice to others. Inflame and quench, repeat many times over, until anxiety has been hardened into hatred.

Populists use half-truths and oversimplification – the two scalpels of the arch propagandist, and here the internet and social media are a perfect rail for them, by reducing thought into the smallest packages: sound-bites; tweets. Paint half a picture in the mind of an anxious individual, exposed as they may be to economic hardship and through the media to the ones willing to buy in.

So stop being led by the deceivers.  It is only by pursuing the entire truth, and acting wisely, that humanity can ever survive. So draw the line and speak. Speak out and up, speak the truth and do so compassionately, speak for your children, for those you care about, for the rights of all, and be sure to say clearly: stop! We will not be bullied by you the bully, nor fooled by you the deceiver, not again, no more; because we, not you, will steer our collective fate. And we, not you, will write and sculpt this coming century. Know the full truth before you draw the line.

The Usual Lee Wong Broadcasting Network is committed to the Positive, no mater how negative.
Editor: Thomas Pugh


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