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Hello Dennis,


No…they never responded to that charge.  


I had some conversations with some of their staff.  An executive customer service representative, who was courteous as you might expect, but my impression I took away from the conversation that he was there to answer phones.  He did however, provide for Edison to correct the ping-pong billing for a short period of time…now they are back to underbidding me every other month and then penalizing me with what I call taxes for a fAKE over-usage charge permitted by the equally fake California PUC.


I had also spoken to some billing department representative who was very helpful in proving the collusion to the all caps fraud.  I had requested she correct the spelling of my name on my account to upper and lower case…she replied that should be no problem…Image her surprise and shock when she could adjust my first name but not my last name.  She did express her surprise.  However as of my last efforts to address…Edison, just like those in the FAKE GOVERNMENT, will not even put me through to anyone at this point. 


But since there are no time limitations on pursuing the crimes of fraud, I am just patiently permitting Edison to document their own behavior.  




Not to show you just how ridicules their fraudulent to fix blame on the consumer  they initiated a new program to pit neighbor against neighbor…






You think it might have something to do with this?



Edison – Edison – Edison – New tool added to arsenal…

Wells Fargo Uppercase

Allstate and the All Caps


Americans- we must clear up this misunderstanding…







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