ADD-ON:Child Rapist/Child Murderer Mike Pence and the New Law to Protect Indiana Child Traffickers

March 29th 2015 by

Child trafficking is rampant in the state in Indiana among politicians. 32 state senators and representatives are pedophiles and have raped 128 children in the past three years. Mike Pence, acting as the governor has murdered 6 children in luciferian Human sacrifices and raped 73 children. Former Gov. Mitch Daniels has raped 43 children and also murdered 5 in the Human sacrifice program run by the Bush family in MILABS. I have witnessed both  Daniels and Pence murder children, and both of them are being protected by law enforcement officers.

Indiana’s Religious Freedom Protection Act was written and voted for by these men who are serial pedophiles. Since the Attorney General of Indiana Greg Zoeller is also a pedophile, having raped 3 children himself, and with the full protection of the Indiana State Police and the Indianapolis Municipal Police dept, these two murder governors and their child rapist politician minions will continue to be the biggest threat to children’s safety in the state.

The last child raped and murdered by Pence was a 7 year old girl. She was abducted by 2 CIA agents in Indianapolis and brought to the Governor’s Mansion and taken to the basement, where she was gang raped. The small girl died when Pence choked her to death at the same moment he ejaculated into her body. The CIA men took her body, placed her into a tub and used chemicals to dissolve her and then flushed her into the sewer system. The last time Pence raped children was in Israel. He raped two children, a girl and a boy, and his friend Benjamin Netanyahu raped the same children, at the same time. Netanyahu has raped and murdered 259 children in Luciferian Human sacrifices.
As a side note, both men condemn gay men, but have sex with males and rape boys on a regular basis. Which brings us back to the Religious Freedom Act.  The politicians of Indiana say gay men are not welcome in the state, believing the state belongs to them. Why? Because gay men do not  rape children. The definition of a gay man is a benevolent homosexual who is a positive member of society. Homosexual men have raped children, not many, as 99% of pedophiles are hetrosexual, but a gay man has never raped a child.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for politicians to rape children in MILABS and hotels, and private residences. This new law makes it “legal” for businesses to stop select people from entering. They want to create back rooms to rape children in restaurants, bars and other places, so they can rape many more children in service to their new world order gods, lucifer and satan. So this is why this law was created, to help Indiana serial pedophiles be able to rape more children.

In MILABS, children are strapped to table beds and gang raped by politicians, corporate executives, and the military on a regular basis. saturday nights are the favorite times for them to do it, but it happens all week.

I have been abducted into 14 out of 41 MILAB locations and have witnessed this behaviour firsthand. It is only because God in Heaven wanted me to live that I am still here. I have helped many Souls of the children killed return Home to Heaven by speaking with them and then God and I create tunnels of Light for them. I can’t put into words how horrible it is to witness children being murdered. One time I was raped repeatedly while 54 children were murdered at the same time. This happened because the Illuminatti new world order members wanted me to join them and were trying to impress me. It was at this event that I witnessed Daniels and Pence murder children. I also witness remotely when others are killed.

Both democrats and republicans are heavily involved, in Indiana, of the 32 politicians who rape children, 22 are republican , and the other 10 are democrats.


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  1. Hello! Is this site directed by the DNC or Russia or China? Asking for a friend..
    Seriously WT actual Fuck are you smoking! Go choke yourself to sleep you deranged mofo

  2. You asinine Liberals Will Do Anything to destroy Trump & Pence.
    You Just Cannot accept the fact that Trump Won and Hillary Rotten Clinton LOST. Why is she wearing a leg monitor ???
    Get A Life. You People should be kicked out of the United States..

  3. So, Pence has been strongly outspoken against abortion, to the point where he has made some stronge pro-life laws, yet he’s into murdering children??? This while story is just ridiculous!!

    • This same witness says he creates tunnels for souls to enter heaven. Sounds kinda full of himself…says they wanted him to join them but killed the others?steve

    • I agree! Perhaps that was one location this witness was taken to? Some Military personnel fly these kids ALL over the place for human trafficing purposes. Check out Abel Danger on youtube. They explain how this goes on. This is just mind blowing!

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