Ain’t No Gays In Chechen Or Iran

Chechen leader: No gays here — but if there are, take them away.

Chechnya's leader sharply derided gays during a TV interview, asserting that there are none in his Russian republic and saying they should be removed from the region if there are.

In his speech at Columbia University today, Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was asked about the treatment of gays in Iran. Ahmadinejad responded, “In Iran, we dont have homosexuals like in your country. We don’t have that in our country. In Iran, we do not have this phenomenon. I don’t know who’s told you we have it.”

Ramzan Kadyrov made his remarks on HBO's "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel" amid allegations of a brutal crackdown on gay men in the North Caucasus region.

Ain't No Gays In Chechen Or Iran. (17 July 2017)  The Manning Report

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