Arizona taxpayers paying a ASU employee over $14,000 a month. For general inquiries, please email the mayor’s office at or call (602) 262-7111.​

Ruben Alonzo is getting paid over $14,000 a month working at ASU 

UPDATE: The $172,000/yr ASU hire of Ruben Alonzo, former government staffer of Mayor Stanton is still ignored by ASU.  Public information surrounding a questionable process using taxpayer monies is still not legally being released. 


Remember, this is all happening against the back drop of ASU crying financial hardship, high tuition costs & conducting this in the shadows of closed door discussions wanting to buy a $57 Million building from Phoenix. This is  all going on while ASU is asking the state Legislature to reinstate an illegal tax scheme for tax rebates for purchases for their buildings



This I do know, my exposing these shenanigans is causing officials to back away from the deals. Your help reposting this information has been invaluable 


I will stop the insider dealing nonsense at city hall, but the question now is will the state protect your taxpayer dollars from this illegal tax scheme?


Rest assured I will continue to expose these inside deals and will send another legally binding public information request surrounding this bizarre hire for information owned by you the public. My guess? ASU holds on to it until after the tax scheme gets to the Legislature.



For general inquiries, please email the mayor's office at or call (602) 262-7111.​

Seth I. Scott, Chief of Staff

Kweilin Waller, Deputy Chief of Staff

Robbie Sherwood, Communications Director

Tony Cani, Senior Policy Advisor

Nicole Pasteur, Policy Advisor

Ian O'Grady, Research Analyst

Doug Mings, Community Relations Director, LGBT Liaison

Julie Cruz, Deputy Community Relations Director

Will Novak, Executive Assistant – Scheduling

Linda Howard, Assistant to the Mayor ​


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