Black America, “What Have You Got To Lose?”


   Number of African American on food stamps, up to 58%  of the African American population. Number of African Americans living in poverty up by 8.2% . Number of African Americans not in the labor force up by 19.6%. Number of African Americans owning their own homes down by 4.6%. Average median income of African Americans, down by 1.5%. Now I ask, how is that "the hope and change" President Barrack Hussein Obama promised, working out for you? With statistics like those, I think I'd take my chances with the White guy over a woman with a plan that's just more of the same of Barrack Obama. I mean seriously, "what have you got to lose?"

     As some African Americans seem to want to resent Mr. Donald J. Trump for his success, I have to ask why do you not resent Barrack Obama? Furthermore, why do you not resent Hillary Rodham Clinton? Exactly what has Barrack Obama done for your community? Nothing! The man can not even take time away from his million dollar vacation golfing in Martha's Vineyard to observe the devastation in Louisiana! For that matter, Hillary Clinton cared not to visit the ravaged areas of Louisiana so badly devastated from the recent flooding. Then again, a visit from Hillary and money raised for the Clinton Foundation would not benefit those affected in Louisiana. For the record, the money raised by Hillary for Haiti under the Clinton Foundation NEVER made it to Haiti. I ask exactly what do you, the African American community, think is going to happen under Hillary Clinton? I can answer that. Hillary will do as Barrack Obama did, a whole lot of nothing. A Hillary Clinton presidency will be a continuation of an Obama presidency. Nothing will be done for the African American community, because frankly my friends, Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton don't care! 

    Barrack Obama has not put forth any effort into creating jobs as so the African American community could excel and prosper. Hillary Clinton will do nothing as well. Like it or not, Obama and Hillary both have the African American community right where they want them. They have them right under their thumbs. While many African Americans are satisfied with complacency, others know better. Those that know better are voting for Donald Trump. What the African American community needs to understand is Obama, Hillary, and the Democrats want the African American community living off of the government. Why? Easy, they can control you. They fool you into thinking you've got it good, while they dine on caviar, fine champagne, stay at the fanciest hotels, take million dollar vacations, and live life on easy street. While those living off the system keep popping out children as to receive more benefits, the Democrats thank you, as you are producing more votes. While the African American community settles with just getting by off the system, the African community is going nowhere. Those African Americans voting for Donald Trump know that with Donald Trump's background, they can depend on him to create jobs. They know in joining the labor force they will have the opportunity to do better as to make for a better life for themselves and their families, but there's a hitch. Once the African American joins the labor force, he or she will begin to pay taxes. Taxes change everything. Once the African American sees all too high taxes are taken out of his or her paycheck, he or she will decide the Democrats tax system is an unfair system. Well, now working African Americans will decide that they are paying for Obama to take fancy vacations. They will also see that they are paying for those in America that choose to be lazy and not work, as well as those that can not work, as there are no jobs to be had. Suddenly, the working African American realizes that the Democrats enslave working Americans. Working Americans are enslaved by the Democratic party. They are enslaved as they are paying all too high taxes as to pad the wallets of those in Washington and to provide benefits to those who feel there is no better way. 

    The truth is, there is a better way. Those African Americans living in the ghetto need to know they can do better. Those African Americans being satisfied with food stamps need to know they too can eat caviar and drink fine champagne. Those African Americans that have become satisfied with just getting by with welfare need to know they too can get out of the hood, own their own car, own their own home, and live life to the fullest. While Obama sits in the White House, golfs and rubs elbows with the elite, a person is being shot about every 2 hours in Obama's hometown of Chicago. African Americans make up 75% of the shooting victims in Chicago. Personally, I would think African Americans would prefer to get a job and have a nice life. Why stay in a crappy situation when a vote for Donald Trump will result in attaining a better life? Obama has had eight years to make a difference in the African Community and things have only gotten worse. Under Hillary Clinton things will continue to get worse. With that being said, I ask, what have you got to lose? Vote for Hillary, be a slave, and the African American community will continue to decline as it has done so under Barrack Obama. Vote for Donald J. Trump and the African community will see real change. Donald J. Trump will create jobs and lower taxes. Donald J. Trump will ensure that African Americans have the resources to do better and move out of the ghettos. Donald J. Trump will not enslave the African American community, but instead empower the African American community. With that being said, I say to the African American community, what have you got to lose?
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