Bombshell: Evidence Of CIA Role In Forging Obama’s Birth Certificate

Here’s part two of the interview,

So, my question is Mike, why would NO CONgressman or Senator touch Obama’s Past?  Why would the ones who were given Sheriff kits PROVING Obama is a Muslim Marxist impostor, REFUSE to come to the aid of America and instead, li,e my former CONgressman from N.C., Walter Jones’ who CLAIMED in an Oct 2015 townhall meeting in Chocowinity N,C., that unless Obama was impeached, American would be lost, then REFUSED to do anything to follow through on this.


Were they ALL compromised, blackmailed and if so by who, when how, since NONE of them NOT ONE in CONgress will support America?

Finally, even though I am very, VERY sceptical about the potential impact of Michael Horowitz’s report being released tomorrow, since nothing has EVER been done before, might this and Trumps quietly released 21 Dec Executive Order on Sex trafficking, RICO   Crimes, etc., is this WH suddenly both that Traitor ahole RINO Flake and Dent and others are suddenly resigning or is is something else.


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