Cannabis Reviews: Nevada Cries State of Emergency for Cannabis?

Nevada Has Made Cannabis History?

Many reports came out yesterday stating that Nevada is the first state going down in the history books to have a Lack of Cannabis problem that made the Governor issue a State Of Emergency. Really, is that what we have come to? More lies from the news? He did not issue a state of emergency; he issued a STATEMENT of emergency. Big difference.

This would be quite historical , but it is lie. No state has ever issued a state of emergency for shortage of this plant except during WWII when the US Govt begged farmers to grow it for uses for the war. This was more on a National level than a state level, however.

Even as I'm writing this, I'm in shock. And giggling. Although hilarious as the statement is and the ridiculous lies that media will have you believing, it is also serious. Investors dished out hundreds of millions of dollars and their time into the lifting of the prohibition of Cannabis by financially backing, supplying the dispensaries with equipment and employees, and I'm assuming wanting their money back as investors of other successful launches did in Alaska, Colorado, Washington and Oregon. The rules are strict in Nevada as to where to ingest their Cannabis; they need to be looked over again. The Governor pushed for the delay of the launch and now we can all see why; he wasn't prepared. No consumption yet on the Strip, casino's or hotels thus far and the fine is up to $600. And restriction to Liquor store sales made it hard to get a license even though they were promised a 18 month entry.

So, how did they run out of Cannabis when they opened their doors just ten days ago to the public for the use of Recreational Cannabis? Something seems a little fishy here. This was passed in November. They had more than 7 months to supply the state. Did the Governor not look at the numbers in the other 4 states and then add ten percent on to that order?? I guess not. The demand was so high that the state is failing their consumers and patients, and will perhaps delay the fight for this to go nationally, legally and smoothly. Small mistakes like this are costly to the industry.

And from what I have read, it not like they ran out yet; they simply have no licenses to dispense the Cannabis selling liquor stores. They afforded liquor stores the licenses for 18 months, but only 7 of them pulled through the strict regulations required by the state. Sales shifted to the medical cannabis dispensaries, and now their supply is low because of the demand to their stores. They didn't know licenses would not be distributed. They didn't order more for their stores to fill that demand. As far as they knew, it would be like any other state and the demand would be fulfilled by the state. So, people who are using the drug as a medicine only are going to have to suffer because of this demand not met. This is a horrible mistake and needs to be addressed fully. And quickly.

There are many growers in the country. Raleigh recently bought up a bunch of land. When I saw this buy, and saw the tobacco companies attacking their own people in ads, I knew this land would be used for the Cannabis crops of the future. And it's going to happen sooner than later. Raleigh and other tobaccos company's will soon be switching their crops to hemp and/or cannabis to fulfill the demand. They are not going to have a choice. Smoking is so out with the younger kids, the ads prove that today. And Cannabis is in. They are not stupid; they have survived this far. Lawsuit after lawsuit by lung cancer victims and they survived. This will become a full profit for them with no downside. NO ONE IS GOING TO DIE! No one has nor ever will.

A real historical event happen and no one paid attention. Just months after voters approved legalization in November, it marked the fastest turnaround from vote to sales in the country. I mean they only had to beat out 4 other states, but it should be a lesson to states wanting to vote this in. Take your time, look stuff over, ask questions, pre-launch, and then launch. It's that simple. But this is all new to everybody and there maybe a few bumps along the way. Maybe the final states will get it right after learning from the other states mistakes. Or maybe they will drop the ball like Nevada's Governor Brian Sandoval and let the people suffer while the state still figures out the main game plan here.

My final words here are the most important, one of the other 4 states needs to step up and deliver Nevada some cannabis to help their patients and consumers. One of them needs to help out because his guy really messed up by not being prepared for this launch. Don't let some bureaucratical a-hole halt the flow of the this movement. Help him out and we will get rid of and deal with him later. Please contact your states dept if you live in Oregon, Washington, California or Alaska and make the call to help this state with its cannabis shortage. Delivery is needed sooner than later.


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