Chris Christie Reviews: Big Shot Nacho Man

Chris Christie has been voted the most unpopular Governor in the country right now. And as of yesterday, he remains the most unpopular. Gov. Christie is not afraid to live his life. He has displayed an elite attitude. His lawyer days are not behind him. He must have been a great closer, because once again he has shown his aggression by closing beaches only he and his family were allotted onto, closing bridges to mess with a mayor that didn't like him, to now closing an argument with a fellow fans at a Brewer's game last Friday. He ran up to a heckler and got in his face, asking him if he wants to act like a big shot. The fan was a Chicago fan. Christie pumped his muscles for the Brewer's mainly because his son, Andrew, works in the Brewer's baseball operations dept. This guy has so many connections. Even as I write this, I fear a knock on the door. If I'm found dead with a note on me, just know I didn't commit suicide. JK.

Yes, Christie maintains his I'm better than you life and proved it by yelling at a fan while holding his nachos. Not one nacho fell to the ground, people. This big boy just hasn't grown up and is still the playground bully. With mafia ties and a rich, loving wife, his playground is huge, controlling NJ like it was actually his. His term is almost up, so he is making the biggest splash he can before he leaves office. One splash he is determined to make is one for opiods in the country.

NJ turned down the opiod proposal in the budget, but President Trump may be the answer to all of Christie's problems with drugs in the US inc. Trump has assigned Christie a spot in that lime light and I fear the war on drugs is about to change. With more tools to do the job, the country may be on a drug war worse than we've ever seen.

With the nation overwhelming wanting cannabis legalized, the fight may start at the White House. State after state have voted to legalize cannabis, yet Christie will maintain vigil on the matter. His own brother is a known drug addict, so this is personal for Christie. He is not trying to help all the addicts, just one. And he wants YOU to pay for it. He really should handle his own personal life on his own. Bullying and showing his strength is something Christie is used to, so don't think he is just going to go off and retire. No, no no. He will make history with his war on drugs, watch!


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