Corey Feldman Reviews: Will He Be Next to Die?

Corey Feldman has opened a jar of evil that perhaps he may not handle well without our help. His unveiling of the pedophile ring in the entertainment biz may cost not only his life to be in jeopardy, but his friends and family as well. Despite all those threatening his life, his decades of silence has come to an end. 

Corey Feldman and fellow child actor/best friend, Cory Haim, were involved in a huge child porn/sexual assault ring that robbed Haim's of his life, leaving Feldman the baggage, the guilt, and the left overs. Haim did not die of drug abuse, according to Feldman, but did die from the self abuse from being sexually abused. After a falling out, they gathered for a short interview together and claimed each other knew of the other's abuse and both said or did nothing to protect each other. In other words, they blamed each other for not speaking up. Feldman claimed they were both children and scared. Feldman claims his closest (so-called) friends were the ones molesting him and Haim and many others in Hellywood. 

Feldman wrote a book called Choreography, which each of us should read before making any judgement on his claims. Corey is now asking for help. He needs a legal team, money to make his movie on the sex ring in Hollywood, and security for him and his loved ones. His band is quitting on him, one by one, over this matter. He was arrested three nights ago for marijuana and all were arrested on his tour bus. His life was threatened last night with the near death experience of being run over by 2 dark vehicles while he was walking in a crosswalk after one of his gigs. He is scared, but tires of the silence. He claims 6 major people of Hollywood and a studio are to blame for all this corruption. I fear his life will be taken within a week. He needs to truly watch his back now. 

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