Dennis Hastert Reviews: Out of Prison and On To More Corruption

Yep, you heard it right, Mr. Dennis Hastert is out of prison.

J. Dennis Hastert, the former speaker of the House of Representatives, was released from a federal prison on Monday and moved to a Chicago halfway house where he will serve the rest of his 15-month sentence for illegally structuring bank withdrawals he used to buy the silence of a former student he sexually abused. The former speaker was never charged with sexual abuse because the statute of limitations had expired. But the financial crime to which he pleaded guilty pointed to an elaborate but ultimately panicked attempt to cover up that abuse.According to NYTimes: "But Judge Thomas M. Durkin of Federal District Court rebuked him at his sentencing as “a serial child molester” and asked him about at least three other specific victims: Scott Cross, who spoke at the sentencing, a man identified only as “Victim B,” and Stephen Reinboldt, a repeated victim of Mr. Hastert’s who died of AIDS in 1995."

Only 15 months for this cover-up of sexual abuse?? He will be on the headlines again soon. He is in a halfway house after serving 13 months inprison. His halfway house is not being named at this time. 


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