Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton Has Squandered American Money: Debate Highlight

  We have to look at this presidential election different from all others. It's not about being a Republican or being a Democrat.  It's about saving the country because it's going in the wrong direction.  You have companies that are moving to other countries to build their products because they are being taxed way too much and politicians are using that money for their own political gain and it has to stop.  Donald Trump has the ability to break up the political monopoly that the Republicans and the Democrats have had in their possession for way too long.  We don't need political monopolies in this country anymore it's time to end that political game,  before it's way too late.  Donald Trump has the ability to crush Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton has squandered American money  for her political gain and for her quest for political power over the American people.  To Hillary Clinton this is nothing more than a game of winning power over what she considers to be peasants of this country.



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