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 🇺🇸 My name is Stick Bogart and I brought this website to life for people to activate their freedom of speech whenever they want to about any politician or political candidate of their choice.

It’s a given fact that everybody wants to be able to use their freedom of speech without censorship when it comes to politics and political candidates as well as Political News Reporter’s.  Here is my mission for you !!

1. for you to be able to go to the website and post  reviews about any politician or political candidate of your choice.

2. You can register with the website and you can build your own Political News Reporter profile and become a Political News Reporter on the website.

3.  If you Own or run a business And you   Have a desire to advertise without censorship then touch base with us.

4.  I believe in the freedom of speech it’s part of the constitution and I think people should be able to come to this website and other websites and post what they want about political candidates and Political News whenever they want to.  I will always support that.

5. I am asking everybody that uses this website  please share this with your friends on social media.  There are a lot of social media websites that do not like you to post what you want about politicians they may love I want you to share this website with your friends and family and activate your freedom of speech whenever you want to.

6.  If you run a Political Radio Show  I would like to have unique presents on this website feel free to touch base with us I will be more than happy to listen to what you would like to do  The best way to contact me is look me up on LinkedIn and send a linked up request to me.   Just go to LinkedIn and look up Stick Bogart.  Thank you very much for reading this and please share this with your friends and family.

So look me up on LinkedIn send me a LinkedIn request if you have some ideas you would like for us to consider to have placed on this website.


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