Epstein was NEVER arrested in the first place!

Well, here we are in 2019, running on instincts and adrenaline, and the lies that we see on color TV’s. And the hosts of our world demand that we LISTEN. We rebel on instincts and knowledge through abuse and ways that be, oh. , and hope, and hope, and hope  for the best.

Controlled by “invisible’s” and crypto intel. We are the generations that instructs the future. Oh, the future. We make nothing off of it and suffer within, in hopes, in hopes, in hopes,  for a kinder generation/nation/world, and collective intelligence to bring, to bring, the peace. Oh, oh, to bring the peace.

But intel is gone; corrupted and insecure. We put our faith in man/a man that thinks entertainment is the key to empowerment, oh empowerment… We demand the scholars to tell us the ‘truth’, oh the truth,  of the world, oh the world.

And we send our children to schools that live off of the lies of the past scribes, oh the past scribe oh oh the lies. .. All the while, all the while, living in a unenforced world of corruption and guilt. Oh oh, the guilt. Oh oh, the guilt.


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