First Amendment Auditor Arrested for filming on bus

There is a new "craze" hitting the internet and nation. Many part time photographers and independent journalists, on top of average citizens, are pulling out their cameras and recording govt. buildings/police/and other entities that we as citizens pay their salaries. It is an amazing movement. They are exercising their First Amendment Right of filming in public. Under our Constitution, it is literally our right to take a picture or film. If you are you unaware of this right, and want to confront one of these auditors, you may get an earful of knowledge thrown at you. These auditors know the law better than the average police oath taker. New to the platform is a woman in Colorado who was filming on a public bus and was kicked off, abused by ignorant passengers, and arrested. Her Youtube handle is Mrs Mac Li'l Mac. 

Mrs. Mac was going to work one morning, and the passengers of the public bus she was riding on attacked her first amendment right with vulgar comments and physical abuse in attempt to get her to stop filming them. Her refusal caused alarm and someone called the police. The bus driver kicked her off and she was confronted by the local PD. Not knowing her first amendment right allowed officers to arrest her and charge her. PD need to be retrained on all constitutional rights. 

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