Governor Phil Murphy Reviews: Wins Governor of New Jersey

Phil Murphy is the new Governor of New Jersey. Out with the old regime and in with the new. This was truly a matter of picking the weaker evil. Not many voters knew about Murphy's past or present, nor did they consider that this candidate was running on the idea of making New Jersey a sanctuary state, according to Kim Guadagno's campaign ads.

No, people didn't care about any of that; they just wanted Christie reign to end and anyone associated with him to go as well. From Bridgegate to Beachgate, this soon to be former governor clearly used his position to bully more than one victim while in office. With nachos in hand, yelling at a heckler, warning him to stop or else, was just one of Christie's way to handle anyone opposing him. Christie has one of the lowest, if not THE lowest Governor ratings ever in this country. No doubt this man has big backing to act as he does. I can't imagine him having stones below, so he just has to be backed. Rumor is, the mafia are on speed dial. And even though he has retired from this position, he will not go away so easily. He will be the front runner on the fight against drugs in this country. Trump has made him his main go to man to stop addiction. 

Phil Murphy is the new evil, so don't dismiss Christie so soon. 



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