He’s not in office yet but he’s already on the job. A Message from President-Elect Donald J. Trump

 This is an exciting day to watch a video like this below.   President elect Donald Trump is not in office yet but he's already on the job addressing the nation of what he plans to do to turn our country around and we all need to support him. For Me. this is a very exciting day  because I know that he has the ability to negotiate good deals for our country and put Americans back to work and I'm sure the  American coal miners will love the fact that they can go back and do what they do best and everyone will reap benefits from Donald Trop you can bet on it.   It's time for him to use the pen when he needs it to put executive actions together that push the country in a positive direction instead of executive action is turning the country into a negative situation.  I'm looking forward to him taking the White House and making it great again because I know he has the ability to do that at all American should support him because he will do that.   Remember he did not spend anybody else's money to become our next president he spent his own money out of his own pocket and we know that Hillary Clinton did not spend money out of her pocket to run her campaign she spent money out of others pockets that want to destroy this great nation and she did it because she wanted political power globally as well as financial power.




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