Hilary Clinton offers China eminent domain to keep buying our debt, Obama seals the deal!

7-26-2016 News Events / originally published 4-6-2016 Todays between the lines report.

Hillary Clinton, Obama Administration & China's U.S. Land Grabbing, the motive behind the madness.

China is the largest purchaser of US Treasury Notes and existing US Currency reserves! The People’s Republic of China, was granted, "the" option by Obama, to exercise Eminent Domain within the USA, as collateral.

SURE TO THANK HILLARY & OBAMA, although it wasn't theirs to use as collateral, they did it anyway.

Hillary Clinton, on her  last trip to China before she quit, because the events in Libya were getting to hot. 
Feb 2009; Hilary was in China offering them eminent domain to keep buying our debt. That means if we don’t make the payments, they will start foreclosing…
The Chinese were getting a little concerned about holding trillions of U S dept as they watch us go down the toilet.

WASHINGTON, Feb 25 (AFP) Feb 26, 2010
China, largest purchaser of US Treasury bonds, estimated 78% of bonds held by China!
China, a top owner of US government debt, for years, and currently buying bonds via third locations to hide its importance as a major creditor to Washington, a congressional forum has been aware of this. Original message source from inside China:

Saturday, November 9, 2013 19:37, Obama Signed the Deal With China That Should We Default ON OUR LOANS, CHINA CAN TAKE U.S. PROPERTY !
– Sources at the United States Embassy in Beijing China have CONFIRMED, that the United States of America has tendered to China a written agreement which grants to the People’s Republic of China, an option to exercise Eminent Domain within the USA, as collateral for the China’s continued purchase of US Treasury Notes and existing US Currency reserves!

These correct dates, 1979 & 2001 raise even more issues & Red Flags. 
– Yuan Peng, assistant president of China Institutes of Contemporary
International Relations and director of the Institute of American Studies,
said that Biden had made it clear that he disagreed with the United States
in regarding China as its potential enemy during his China trip in 1979
and 2001, also that Hillary has no intention to run for another term, Obama is
bound to rely more on Biden who has rich diplomatic experience. Therefore,
"dovish" Biden will undoubtedly become an important promoter of the China policies formulated by the President in the future, which was, and is a major
background (issue) for his China visit.

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