I Called Larry Nichols Wife…he doesn’t have cancer

I Called Larry Nichols Wife

Recently, I called Larry Nichols wife to see if he actually had cancer. She said no, btw. She claimed he only had emphysema and ulcers on his throat. I was so shocked to hear the truth. I decided past that point to blow his story out of the water. He is hit. I know many before me have talked about it, but with the new missing FBI files on Vince Foster coming up I had to proceed with what I personally know. He has been taking money from people; mostly elderly women whom he seduces with his guitar and singing; who have been donating to his fake cancer. I feel so badly for these people and I am doing the best I can to resolve this situation. I have contacted Lisa Haven, who has had him on the air many times on her show; and Alex Jones, who cancelled him the other night for some apparent reason. Both were/are full supporters of his fake disease and getting his story out there about the killings he did for the Clinton’s. He apparently was their hit man. He has stated it many times over the years. Lisa Haven called Jeff Rense, who used to give Larry air time on www.rense.com, and whom is still owed money for that time, and she found out the truth as well. She Private Messaged me through Facebook and said she will never have him on the show again. I hated to be the bearer of bad news bc she is so nice, her path is great, and she appreciates the truth. She fought me a bit on this at first, but when I opened the story up to her more, she finally called Jeff Rense who got the medical records in the first place in Larry’s house, and took pictures of it. That picture is now on my fb page if you want to see it. A woman named Kris used to manage Larry’s FB page until the news broke. Larry talks about Kris all the time; calls her a sick bitch right on the air. She has now collapsed Larry’s page bc of this truth. The medical info was sent to her by Jeff Rense, and she researched it and found out even crazier shit on this guy. She has been sharing that info with me daily.

I texted Larry yesterday while he was on air, bc his main man Chad Abirdseye King was not there to screen calls. I told him I’m on to him and I called his wife. I told him I called Lisa Haven, who called leadingedge radio where Larry is on air these days. He threatened me on the air, saying. “You sick lil Minions of Kris…don’t be surprised if someone comes knockin at your door. It can happen to you, too.” Today I contacted Chad King thru FB, and told him Larry is a fraud. He stuck up for Larry, saying he is cool. No, he’s not cool, Chad! And I think you’re in on it, too. I asked him if Larry owed him money, close to $15,000 and he said no. They are shaking hands or something. Chad messaged me today the link I am including here below, with a threat to me of his own…He said that Larry pushed for the FBI to lose those files today, and it happen; and that I (me, yes, me) should be worried…Oh my! Worried about what, Chad? The truth? Chad said when Larry died I will regret reporting on him. I think Larry told him to leave me be, but Chad threatened that the minute Larry is dead, I will be as well (implied). Great! Good day to die!

I was told today by my friends and loved ones to call the FBI, but the more I thought about Pete Santilli, I thought not. Pete is imprisoned right now to cover up Larry’s bullshit. And I truly believe that Larry still works for the Clinton’s. If you listen to his show, he is saying she is not sick, that she only has eye problems, which I didn’t even know she had. I can’t do shit behind bars. I’m no Pete Santilli and do not have backers like he does. I’d be just another body count to the Clintons as well. So, no FBI…yet.

So check out the link Chad sent me, pray for the truth, and open your third eye, People! Do not believe just me, do your own research.

I am not going to stop, Larry, so do the right thing and give back all the money! I know you will read this. And Chad, your threats are idol, bc I’m not the first one you have threatened. You threatened Kris, too, and who knows how many others. And you have done nothing to either one of us.

FBI files connecting Hillary to Vince Foster ‘suicide’ vanish; national archives says ‘unable to locate’


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  1. Wow. I can’t believe I’ve never seen this!
    Lisa The Opposition Troll Stark:
    YOU are an IDIOT. I talk to Larry. There are some days he can barely talk. He is NOT conning ANYONE out of $. I heard from a VERY reliable source that Chad ended up screwing Larry over. I know for sure Jack Epsom did. The man is FIGHTING for me and YOUR troll ass, whoever you really are. The Clinton’s paying you? Hmmmm….

  2. My guess is, if not cancer, he has COPD which is deadly. Larry tells too much of what others have also verified to be considered a liar. He relates what he remembers as well as most people his age. Certainly wasn’t lying about Hillary’s odor and Bill’s cheating. I believe him.

    • Absolutely, as would sending it to anyone.. Hippa laws,…. Hell, I can’t even get my OWN records without being in person, with valid ID. Let alone finding out someone else got them, and sent them along to someone else… Like come on… Larry isn’t stupid, he’d sue the hell out of these people, as would ANYONE, and not only the person that passed the records along to anyone, but also the Dr, the firm, etc etc etc.. If he was so desperate to rob people, don’t you think his first stop would be to sue the pants off whatever place let his MEDICAL records get out?!! Lol, if I was “desperate”, so much so I’m stealing from “old ladies”… Who, I’m sure, isn’t sending much, esp if they are on a pension …. But NOT going after an agency that leaked my medical records, then your pretty stupid to fall for this. Insanity, the shit people believe, when the most obvious is right in your face. And, if that doesn’t make sense, then what else doesn’t match up?.. More like How much time you got?! Lol!

  3. I am tired of people lying about my uncle Larry get a fucking life Lisa and stop calling my aunt Kerry and asking about her husband it’s none of your business he does have cancer lung cancer u stupid cunt I know I talked to his doctors everyday stop bothering my uncle or u will die

  4. Larry may not be perfect, (and neither are YOU), but he is fighting for America and for your rights as a citizen.

  5. I’ve followed Larry a long time and never heard cancer come out of his mouth. He does have emphysema and that IS a lung disease. Since when does he play guitar and SING, he can barely talk? I’m sure both him and his wife have had many health problems as they are old now! Get off his case and let him be. He’s repented his sins and if God can forgive, so should we!

  6. I just now read this. It’s is so good. I’m so glad I found Denise Stark again. I have known her from being Larry Nichols Facebook administrator for approximately 1 yr. She’s a go getter…to say the least.
    I had called Larry Nichols wife 3 or 4 times before I was able to contact Denise Start again. THANK YOU DENISE for calling Kerry Nichols at the University of Central Arkansas. Not to mention Kerry Nichols has good insurance and IF he did have cancer, which he DOESN’t ….KERRY’as insurance would cover it.

  7. Yes Larry threatened us yesterday on his program. No reason to lie. Myself and Denise and Georgia are putting our lives on the front line to see that justice is done. Larry is committing wire fraud for money .

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