I’m absolutely fed up with the growing public disrespect in the NFL for our national anthem. John Horvat.


Jorvat Horvat

Vice-President, Tradition, Family and Property (TFP)

Dear friend, 

I’m absolutely fed up with the growing public disrespect in the NFL for our national anthem.  
Just in week three of the 2017 football season, there were teams locking arms during the playing of the national anthem.  Some players took a knee.  Three teams (the Raiders, Titans and Steelers) stayed in the locker room during the playing of the Star-Spangled Banner.  
This is a disgrace! And it has got to stop.   
Only if you and I, and patriotic Americans everywhere STOP watching the NFL can we get the attention of the NFL.   In other words, we just need to turn off football on the TV for the time being.  (Watch college football or simply do something else.)
That is why I urge you to sign the pledge to boycott the NFL until players stand for the national anthem as they used to.
National Boycott of the NFL – Sign Pledge Here
You are doing the right thing when you sign the pledge.   You honor the national anthem, plus all of our fallen heroes.  Plus you encourage the patriotic football players who resist the unpatriotic tide and honor our national anthem.  
For the honor of America, it’s crucial that we take a stand.
Unless more patriotic Americans have the courage to speak out now on issues that will have a deep effect on our future, there will be precious little left of America to pass down to our children and grandchildren.

National Boycott of the NFL – Sign Pledge Here
See, for generations, football and the NFL were the most unpolitical pastimes in America.  
But times are changing in our nation.   
It all began last year with the antics of 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick.  He started “taking the knee” or sitting during the playing of the national anthem as a sign of protest against what he perceived to be racial police violence.   And now, on Sunday, September 24, just week three of the NFL football season, some 200 players have followed his example.
The shocking disrespect for the national anthem has sparked a firestorm of protests.  Patriotic Americans are deeply wounded by it all.  Our love for country urges us to do something to show our disapproval of the way the NFL is pushing public disrespect for our national anthem. 

That is why I have turned off the NFL.  I won’t watch NFL football until the club owners and managers restore order to the field.
And I really think that the NFL leadership is committing economic suicide.    
They are caving in to the politically correct tyranny now sweeping the nation.  They are allowing the behavior because they do not have the courage to stand up for principle.
But this is going to come back to bite them.  The ratings for NFL football are in a tailspin.  And this is just the beginning.  More and more Americans are disgusted and are turning off NFL.
National Boycott of the NFL – Sign Pledge Here
We are in a new phase of the Culture War.  And patriotic Americans cannot afford to sit this one out on the sidelines.
Thank you for signing the pledge to boycott the NFL until order is restored on the field.   
May God bless you.  And may God bless America.


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