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Episode:USA #124:
Organizing Organic/Constitutional-Government & Self-Governing Jural-Societies.

USA Organizing Organic/Constitutional-Government (Join in)
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All honorable people are here-by invited to join in 
our growing Community of reputable Law & Justice Scholars & Activists

Our Conferences & Court-Sessions are "Every Other Wednesday Evening";
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Hosting our Conference/Court Sessions "Weekly", again; we hope to soon achieve.
But, for now, our leadership is using our 
limited time/energy recourses 
develop a "More Clearly Defined Program" 
for Achieving our Stated Goals.
his includes Composing Documents which describe specific Details of our Larger Strategy
& that will include listing the Specific "Procedural Steps" Necessary
in order to achieve our Largest 
Stated Goal,
of Making American Constitutional "Due-Process of Law"
Available for all of our Common American People".

And we desperately need "Less Talk & More Action", in these areas.

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Current Notes:


Summary of Charles Stewart's Previous Lectures/Sermons:


In our recent conferences, this author/host/moderator did there-in continue with my own Series of Brief Opening Lecture/Sermons, in which i expanded on the "Traditional Organic Social Community Relationship" between "Israelite Torah-Law", "Christian Bible-Law", "English Common-Law", & "American Constitutional-Law".  I further expanded on these insights, byjumping-back in History, to the events surrounding what is known as the "Jewish Revolution of ad-66"; & which is directly related in this time-line to the Biblical verses of Mark 6, 39 & 40, & in Luke 9: 14 & 15; where-in are clearly illustrated, that, Israelite Messiah/Christ, Yeshuah/Jesus, was directing His Followers to Organize Similarly asthe previously-referenced Power De-Centralizing Governmental-Model ofExodus-18.  I then built there-on, to illustrate, that, the clear implications of all of this, is that, "Jesus was a Revolutionary". 

I then pointed-out how all of this history indicates a Grand Surviving Spiritual & Legal Legacyof the "Perfect Law of Liberty"; & how this amounts to a Perfected Spiritual Ideal of De-Centralized Responsible Self-Government as Reasonably Perceived through close-examination of our modern Anglo/American Organic/Constitutional Tradition of "Due-Process of Common-Law".

Our most recent conference focused more intensely on "Modern Applications" of these Ancient & Time-Tested "Perfect Laws of Liberty". There-in i explained how the American National "Constitution" document, of 1787/1789did Not establish a "Government Of the People, By & For the People", under general & "Public Law", but rather it Established a "Private-Corporation for a Public-Purpose".  The alleged reason for this convoluted quagmire of confusion, was, because our Common People were Too Incompetent to "Responsibly Self-Govern", under a general & public system of Common-Law; & there-under, we allegedly Needed a "Nanny State" to impose "Coercive Force" over us all, as is generally described in the concept of "Parens Patriae".
Building further there-on, we explored the concept of "Venue", & how our most powerful arguments center around "Challenging Jurisdiction" of the modern Civil/Municipal Courts. Further explained here is that all Federal Courts & all State level Circuit & Superior Courts, are only Courts of "Limited Jurisdiction"; as contrasted with the much More Lawfully Empowered Courts of "General Jurisdiction", which are Constitutionally Mandated to Exist at our Precinct & County Levels.  The related Concepts of "Original Jurisdiction" & "Exclusive Jurisdiction" here come in-to powerful play. 

Agenda Items:

Charles Stewart's Current Lecture/Sermon Agenda-Item 1:


In this conference, i intend to open by again focusing on modern real-word concerns, such as an "Economics Plan", which is focused on "Marketing Sovereignty"; by promoting "Economic incentives", which are "Meaningful", for our common People. I have recently been in close communications with others who have rarely attended our conferences; but who are very supportive of assisting in engineering these precise "Alternative Economic Systems"; & as the direct result there-of, i have prioritized working on a document which is designed similarly as an "Investment Offering", similarly as done thru Wall-Street Marketing Programs, but functioning entirely out-side of that de-facto controlled statutory environment. I expect this document to facilitate serious cash-flow to those who support our work; all of which should fast-track our larger agenda of effecting a painless & non-traumatic dis-mantling & replacement of our present roman civil/municipal form of government, with the much more organically accountable form of common-law government.
I hope to have this document finished & posted on our web-pages before the start of Wednesday's conference. 

I expect this introduction to consume no more than fifteen minutes, with following comments & questions allowed for up to another ten minutes or so; & then we expect to move forward to discussing other agenda-items;(while allowing for re-visiting of these powerful issues at later times in this evening's conference).


Following General Agenda Items: 


General Agenda Item 1: Following directly in pursuit of my above discourse; perhaps the Single Most Important Issue for our Community to Discuss, is the issue of "Executive Action" & "Enforcement".  We have discussed previously how the Biblical Torah-Laws of Exodus 18 De-Centralize the Governing-Authority of our Lawful Israelite People; & that same Torah-Law further describes this same "Executive/Enforcement" Governmental Organizational Model, in the Torah-Law book of "Numbers", at Chapter 1, Verse 3:
This "Biblical Executive/Enforcement Model" directly supports our modern Lawful Right toOrganize under Traditional Anglo/American concept of "Posse Comitatus"; & this Continues-On to even Further Empower us thru our American Lawful Constitutional Authority to execute "Citizens Arrests"; just precisely as all-most every single State in the Union has "Statutorily Recognized".


1.1: Above described is the "Bible-Law/Common-Law Executive/Enforcement Model", which is Lawfully Required to Govern Executive/Enforcement with-in our USA.  How-ever; there are among us numerous law-gurus who seem quite content to Fixate the Attention of our Entire Patriot-Community on some version of what might be described as their "Military/Pentagon Executive/Enforcement Model".


1.2:  That Plan is Modeled up-on what might be best described as a "Nanny-State"; where, the Entire Body-Politic of our American-People  are recognized as being Too Mentally, Spiritually, & Courageously "Incompetent" to "Responsibly Self-Govern".   There-in, & under our "Original Constitutional Plan" & it's Guaranteed "Republican Form of Government", our Constitutionally-Guaranteed Rights to "Responsibly Self-Govern" are to be Sacrificed on the Alter of Fear; at least when it comes to the critically-important "Official Duties" of both "Executive Officers" & "Judicial Officers".  Under that "Fear-Mongers Model"; the Entire Body-Politic of our American People are targeted to be reduced to the status of "Incompetent Children", such as described in such legal concepts as the "Parens-Patriae Doctrine", & whoare to be for-ever pampered by a presumably benevolent "Nanny-State Government".

1.3:  Please note further here, that, many among these fear-mongering law-gurus are not merely asking for our American People to Quietly Accept these allegedly benevolent "Nanny State" realities; but they are further insisting, that, applicable "Law" Requires, that, we Grovel & Beg for them to Provide their "Nanny-State Government" for us, by way of our first Completing Monumental Work-Loads of Paper-Work, so that Smaller Sub-Set of the "Good Military & Pentagon People" can there-under claim "Lawful-Authority" to "Break-Ranks" with the "Bad Military & Pentagon People", & there-under, to Move With their Military-Force so-as-to "Arrest" the "Bad Civil-Government Officers", & seemingly there-after to promptly & generally point lots of guns at lots of people, until, finally, some-how, we get a workable "Nanny-State Government" firmly established. 


1.4: Many of the members of Our Court find these propositions to be "poorly thought-out", perhaps to the point of insanity.  While all members of Our Court fully Recognize that There Are some Serious "Dangers" in Our Constitutional "Republican Form of Government", & which Requires our "Responsibly Self-Governing" in our own smaller communities; we also Recognize that We Are already In a Serious Battle for the Survival of our Nation, Humanity, & the entire Earth; & that America would be Nothing if it were not for the Heroic Efforts of the 1776 American Revolutionaries, & some among us even trace this Grand Legacy of Liberty back all the way to the Martyrdom of Christ/Messiah Jesus/Yeshuah; & here-under, we are inclined to quote Samuel Adams, when he said "May Your Chains Set Lightly Upon You".


1.5: Further here-under; Our Conference/Court will again Continue our Discussions of what we perceive as the More "Constitutionally Lawful" & "Republican" form of Government, especially regarding "Executive" & "Judicial" Powers, & under what might best be termed as Our "Organic Body-Politic Executive/Enforcement Plan"; as the web-links immediately following so imply:


General Agenda Item 2: In further & much-needed pursuit of the above "Executive/Enforcement" concerns, along with a literal multitude of closely related others; this author, Charles Stewart, has completed much needed Orientation & Activism Documents; all of which are designed to Promote "Responsible Self-Government" with-in Our Organic American Body-Politic; & with this long-term goal being accomplished through Explaining to People of "Good Reputation" the Simple & Few Steps which the "Rules of the Common-Law" Require for an Individual Adult American to Become an American Organic Body-Politic "Constituent" & "Qualified-Elector"; as the document First Web-Linked below explains.  


That document accurately reflects its contents; as: "Duties & Benefits of becoming Certified as a: 'Qualified Elector'. …”  It further describes the Moral-Imperative & Lawful-Mandate for All Honorable-Americans to assume their Inherent Lawful-Authority to Seize Control of the "Police-Power" with-in our own Local & Private/Special Communities/Districts.  It gets in-to heavy but abbreviated details of the Organic Body-Politic Relationship between the Qualified-Electors, their Townships, & their resulting Assembly of Ten of these as a Lawful "Precinct". 


2.1: The "Second Web-Link" below presents extensive "Citations" in support of all of this.Expanding there-on; a "Third & Fourth Web-Links" below includes a "Blank Form" to Fill-Out, & which is based on the "Rules of the Common-Law"; all of which may be Reasonably Interpreted so-as-to Empower Other Adult Americans to become so "Certified" as "Qualified-Electors".  This is lawfully accomplished by way of convincing "Two Witnesses" to so Certify the Adult American Seeking "Qualified-Elector Status; through filling out that same Third & Fourth Web-Linked Form/Document below.  The Fourth & Fifth Web-Links below provide additional data designed to assist Honorable Adult Americans in Completing this process.

General Agenda Item 3:In even further & much-needed pursuit of all of the above concerns;this Pro-Tem Judicial-Officer, Charles Stewart, seeks to guide discussions with-in Our Court, as opportunity allows, towards, development of our collective Resolution for a Plan for Producing 'Streams of Economic Support' for our numerous 'Front-Line Warriors', who are Risking their Lives by producing Cutting-Edge Work in Bringing About a Paradigm-Shift towards 'Fully Accountable Government'.  In the views of this author, Charles Stewart, this sort of "Economic Support" can best be completed thru  similar process as that employed in the marketing/selling of the commercial instruments known as "Municipal Bonds"; but rather they would be more properly known as "Common-Law Bonds".


This author has composed rough-drafts of documents explaining detail of how such a concept might be brought to life; but, final form for those documents has never materialized. The cutting edge work of "Hartford Van Dyke" is related here-to.  Related web-links follow immediately; with the first one being an incomplete but generally accurate out-line from this author; are here:


4.2: Further here-under; is opportunity to discuss the current work in Marketing the "Foreclosure Defense Program" of Thomas Hargraves; & where-under, this author, Charles Stewart is currently focusing efforts at Phone-Marketing this advanced program to lists obtained of Individuals Facing Foreclosure; & there-by enabling them to Save their Homesfrom Lawless Foreclosure by the Banksters.  Honorable conference attendees who are searching for ways to gain their own economic self-sufficiency, while also producing significant positive change for our American People, are welcome to contact me about how also to become involved in this program.


Specific Agenda Item 1: 

Referencing the Criminal-Complaint of David Schied, numerous people voicing both Support & Opposition here-to.  The more intellectually-challenging of the Accusations here, is, that,Allegedly; Our Court does "Not have Lawful-Authority" to proceed to "Final Judgement" in this manner.


1.2: Here-under; David Schied, & this author, Charles Stewart; will describe our Lawful-Authority & Moral-Imperative to Proceed In This Manner; & further, David & I will stand ready to Defend the same from any & all Reasonable Challenges.  All people who wish to Question the Legitimacy of Our Court's proceeding under the "Rules of the Common-Law" &in this manner, & all concerned parties please Take Note of our "Public Invitation" to All Accused-Parties, their associates, & supporters; please, promptly, in our Wednesday eveningCourt/Conferences, Bring Forth Any & All of your Challenges to Our Court's Claim to have Lawful Authority to Proceed to "Final Judgement" in this precise manner.  We will be quite happy to learn of any Defects in our Reasoning up-on the Requirements of applicable "Law", in this case; & we will provide "Full & Fair Opportunity" for our critics & their associates to express All of their Legitimate-Concerns.


1.3: The less intellectually-challenging of these Accusations against these Criminal-Complaints, is that our surrounding "Fear-Mongers" have Accused us, in essence, of Organizing a "Suicide-Mission"; which allegedly is likely to result in Imprisonments &/or Murder of our Supporters, & of Our-Selves.  One of numerous examples of such disasters that happened around 1999, would be that of "Susan Mokdad", "Emilio Ippolito", & numerous courageous & honorable other True American Patriots, who were operating their own similar but less strategically-engineered "Common-Law Court", out of Florida. A good summary of their good work & of the Treasonous-Conspirators who Rail-roaded & Murdered them, is here:


While we admit that There Are some Serious Dangers before us, to which the only rational response is to feel "Fear"; we believe this concern is "Manageable"; & we will be happy to discuss it further in our above Agenda-Item related to "Executive Action & "Enforcement".


1.4: Here-in; David Schied will also present up-dates on how he is coming-along with his Cases. We have made progress on a model "Limited/Declaratory Jury-Verdict/Final-Judgement" document; & we also have completed our basic Rough-Draft of the "Complaint" which David will be bringing before Our Court& we have assembled five very well-focused Supportive-Documents, along with the much larger repository of the same; & all honorably concerned members of our American 'Organic/DeJure Public', may View thesehere:


David has also recently joined forces with another group of law gurus who are working with another regular conference attendee named "Ali".  This group is focused on discoveringLawful-Remedies for the Evil-Empire Agenda of mis-named "Smart-Meters".  While we definitely will focus on our prioritized form of Remedies under "Common-Law", including perhaps "Eminent Domain"; we will also focus on this other group's Remedies underCommercial/Administrative Default-Judgement process, which seems very efficient, & easily adaptable to a multitude of other legitimate Evils, as developed by Commercial.-Law Guru Ken Cousens, here:


Specific Agenda Item 2:
2.1: We need to further discuss a number of Cases, like that of "Samuel Girod", the "Colorado Eight"; along with other Cases which may soon involve Our Court, & involving a long-time Activist Against Corruption from New-York, one "Scott Oconnell" as well as a new case from our Qualified-Elector & Anti-Corruption Activist from Illinois, one "Richard Newberry".  
We will allocate time in our Agenda to briefly explain the presumed "Justification" for bringing these cases before Our Court.  
Many of these cases are more fully described in the following web-links:


2.2: We will again be asking Qualified-Electors in attendance on Our Court to verbally Authorize us to Add Their Names to Our Court's "Jury Verdict", where-in we are adjudicating that one"Keith Livingway" is "Not a Qualified-Elector", with-in our American Body-Politic; as generally described in our Case Files & "Jury Verdict", here:

As with all Jury Verdicts which Our Court produces; people who have agreed to act as "Jurors" should review these rough-draft versions of Our Court's Jury Verdicts, to be sure that there are "No Errors" in the words there-in.  Common-Law Requires that such Jury-Verdicts be "Unanimous"; & that means we must hammer-out a "Consensus" among all 12 of usconcerning how the Final-Wording of these "Jury Verdict" documents are to finally be presented by us to the Public.  Other cases of Americans recognized by Our Court as "Qualified Electors", & which we nurture discussion in support of, include the following: 


2.3: Andrew Ouwenga's work in Michigan is here:


2.4: Hartford Van Dyke's complaints & files describing his  "Commercial Liens", "Community Currency", & Activism; are web-linked, here:


2.5:  Our Court is Publicly Inviting All all Honorably Concerned Americans to Formally Declare similar Complaints of Injustice before Our Court; how-ever, as our Jural-Society & Conference Community is rapidly becoming more popular; we likely soon will be insisting that people first achieve their "Certified Qualified-Elector Status", before they be allowed to formally Place Cases Before Our Court.


Many subjects discussed in our recent phone-conferences will be re-visited in this evening's conference, as "Un-Finished Business".  Audio-File Recordings & partial Transcripts of our recent conferences will eventually be made available through the web-link, here:


Our Conference/Forum/Court's Attendees seem to have developed the "Consensus", that our American People Must "Organize" to do Rightous & Lawful Battle against those Powerful International & Spiritual "Criminals" who routinely, habitually, & secretively Conspire commit Acts of Murder & Terrorism against our Common American People.   Any-one; please, "Correct Us" if we might "Error" in Our Collective "Judgement", on this important issue. Our nicely maturing "Jural-Society" Community will again focus our discussions on engineering "Lawful Remedy" for the above-described Evils.


The "Rules of the Common-Law", aka: "Due Process of Law", will again be focused on here; as these profound phrases were "originally intended" with-in the Fifth, Sixth, & Seventh Amendments. Here-under, we will also generally & loosely follow "Roberts Rules of Order"; which includes prioritizing "Old Business".

Here-under; probably the Main Focal-Point of Our Conference/Forum/Court, is to facilitate the"Meaningful Em-Powerment" of our Common American People; & this all by way of Lawfully Organizing each of us asCertified "Qualified-Electors" & "Jural-Society Members"; all of which will further Em-Power us as we there-after Certify the Election of Our Own Executive "Peace Officers", & "Judicial Officers"; & there-under to 3: Issue Many "Jury-Trial Verdicts", recognizable under the "Seventh Amendment"; & further there-under, to 4: Breathe Life In-to: our County level "Posse-Comitatus".


Here-under; our Conferences here are Prioritizing the Assembling of our own "Common-Law Juries", all so-as to Lawfully Adjudicate the Multitude of Complaints of RampantInjustice in our modern American Nation.

This author, Charles Stewart, has come to realize, that, every honorable American has a Duty to either Personally-Assume the "Judicial Power", (which is the "Highest Power of the Law"); or else to "Pledge Support to Another" who is Willing to Assume these Desperately Needed Leadership Positions.  This same basic organizing process was focused in ancient times thru the equivalent of, a "Common-Law Monarchy"; where-in the "Chief Judicial Officer" of Every "Hundred Court" in the Kingdom, controlled his own "Hundred-Man Army".


This man was the equivalent of the Roman "Centurion"; who is described in the Bible as having Lawful Authority to go any-where & to Command All Common People to Do Any-Thing that he declared to be "In the Interests of Justice".  Similarly profound Powers are Lawfully Vested in All Precinct-Level "Judicial Officers" as the Oregon Statutes linked through the following web-pages clearly describe, here:


Here-under; our American People need to Draft in-to the Service of our People as many such of these Competent & Courageous "Judicial Officers" as we can find; & the Best of These Judicial-Officers will need to Each Assume One Of "Twelve Positions" of "American National Common-Law Governing Authority"; & here-under to Judicially Act as "Stake-Holders in the Revolution".  Our Conference/Court Meetings will here-under have Lawful Authority to Act asan Organic Assembly of "American National Common-Law Judicial-Officers"; & our Conference/Court "Agenda" here-under  should regularly Open with our Twelve Individual Stake-Holding Judicial-Officers should Each give brief (5-minute or so) Reports on their own Jurisdiction's efforts in "Advancement of our Cause of Justice".

As above referenced; Our Conference/Forum/Court is actively "Assembling" an American National Community of "Common-Law Judicial-Officers"; each of whom should be willing to Assume the Duties of One of the between 200,000 & 300,000 "Vacant Offices", which are referenced in the Sixth-Amendment as "Districts", but which under common-law jurisdiction are refered to as "Precincts".  Each of these 200,000+ "Vacant Judicial-Offices" contain the fully sovereign "Judicial Power", as wielded by more ancient & localized "Common-Law Monarchs", each of which commanded a "Hundred-Man Army"; & as statutorily recognized for both ancient & modern versions of civil/municipal "Magistrates"; & this all with modern lawful authority to "Issue Arrest-Warrants", & to "Issue Money"; & "to control … the conduct of … all persons in any manner connected to a judicial proceeding before it, in every matter appertaining there-to".

Here-under exists Over "Two Million" very Small "10-Household Communities" of Fraternal/Ideological/Religious &/or Geographically-Local "Township" level "Peace-Officers"; each of which have Lawful Authority to Execute "Arrest Warrants" against the most Powerful Criminal-Conspirators in our nation; & there-by to lawfully breath meaningful Life in-to our Common-Law County level concept of "Posse Comitatus"; &, there-by, to provide a Working-Environment with-in which honorable "Provost-Marshals" & other Military People may find "Legitimate Duties" for Assisting in the Execution of Lawful Court Process.


Taking paranoia-level Cautious "Baby-Steps" towards these ultimate "Lawful Remedies"; we expect an enlightening discussion to happen in our conference this Wednesday evening& we plan on hosting similar weekly conferences on in-to the future, at this same time & place.  We expect to gain the ability to regularly compose complete "Transcripts" of Our Court's Conferences. The mp3 audio-file recordings of our past conferences are generally available byscrolling-down in our conference's above web-linked "" web-page.

We all do hope that All Honorably Concerned People will be able to attend this up-coming conference, & Assist us in Insuring that "Lawful Process" is Responsibly & Vigilantly Followed;in all of these cases which are being brought before Our Court.



This email/document has been composed by Pro-Tem/Presiding "USA Supreme Court-of-Law Judicial-Officer": 
Charles Stewart; 
on the land, in "Sandy, Oregon". / 503-676-8048.




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