It’s time for America to speak up expose the politicians that do not want to legalize medical cannabis

 it's time for the American people to start exposing politicians that do not want to promote the legalization of cannabis.  Think about sending to John McCain he has an unfortunate situation when it comes to brain cancer then of us  wish that on anyone but notice how quick he gets treatment and he can pretty much go wherever you want to why is it that our military veterans cannot do the same thing ?  Is he so much better than our veterans oh yes he's a veteran but why does he get so much more treatment in the veterans that served with the boots on the ground ?


 i'm sure that if he needed medical marijuana I'm sure that he would not have a problem getting it he certainly gets treatment from any doctor that he wants at taxpayer expense of course but the veterans get squat 


this website is for all Americans to speak up and speak about the politicians to do the right thing and expose the lazy politicians on both sides of the fence this website is for you to say what you want about the DC maggots that refused to do their job even though they're currently getting paid for everything that they're doing absolutely nothing .


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