It’s time to keep the deviance away from your children do not vote for anybody like this that are circus clowns that want to smell or touch your children

I find it hard to believe that anybody in the United States would even vote for a Circus clown like this.  If this was my next-door neighbor doing this to my grand child he and I would definitely have problems he needs to keep his hands off of the children of this great country stay away from them stop sniffing their hair up like a deviant..  Any parent that’s willing to look the other way why somebody like this hogs their child kiss is there a pair of snips their hair and tries to lick there are years or kiss their ears needs a check up from the neck up watch the two videos below…


Wake up America think about who you’re voting for before you vote for them we don’t need any more circus clowns in Washington DC.  Most of them go up there to become multimillionaires and they do absolutely no work they do not work no way near as hard as the American people do and they get bucket loads more money than we will ever be able to dream about having you in our bank accounts but yet the American people look the other way as circus clowns get elected.


I challenge you to watch the videos below think about this would you want somebody like this that I consider to be a circus clown to be touching your kid was sniffing their hair I wanted to kiss the side of their head or the top of their head I want to what airplane he was on going to some freaky sexual island…


If you think that kind of activity is OK you personally need a check up from the neck up..



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