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Jeff Sessions is being pushed into keeping campaign promises by Trump of stopping the block of research on cannabis is this country. A bi-partision group of congressmen are asking Attn General Sessions why this has not been addressed by the new administration as of yet. Washington Times reports: The congressmen voiced their concerns Wednesday in a letter to Mr. Sessions after The Washington Post reported earlier this month that the Drug Enforcement Administration has neither approved nor denied dozens of applications filed in the past year by researchers seeking special approval to study marijuana, a Schedule 1 plant outlawed under federal law but legalized in one form or another in 29 states and counting.

The Justise Dept has failed to move forward on the processing of applications to research cannabis medically and scientifically. They simply would not "sign off' on this issue which is at a stale-mate and has not issue one of the licenses to do so. Lawmakers have wrote Sessions and want answers of why the delay. Washington Post reports: 

“The purpose of our letter is threefold: first, we wish to establish the veracity of this article’s claims,” wrote the lawmakers. “Second, if the article’s claims are true, we would like to know the rationale behind the Department of Justice’s decision. Finally, we would like to encourage you to proceed with rapidity on the DEA’s permitting process, as we believe it is in keeping with President Trump’s campaign promises, and the best interests of the American people.

“It is worrisome to think that the Department of Justice, the cornerstone of American civil society, would limit new and potentially groundbreaking research simply because it does not want to follow a rule,” they added.

The letter was signed by Reps. Matt Gaetz, Florida Republican; Dana Rohrabacher, California Republican; Jared Polis, Colorado Democrat; and Earl Blumenauer, Oregon Democrat, and was first published Wednesday by Tom Angell of Marijuana Majority, an advocacy group favoring legalized cannabis.

Althought the Justice Dept has confirmed recieving the letter, they have no comment as of now. 

Medical Cannabis is legal in 29 of our 50 states, and is reacreationally used in 9, including our own nations capital! So, why the delay? 

Mr. Trump stated while on the campaign trail that cannabis legalization should be decided on a state-by-state basis, but Sessions is the biggest non-advicate for the plant. He has numberously declared it an unsafe drugs and surely has no intension upon passing any law to help the research. This is why he was pushed through a letter from lawmakers concerned on the matter. Otherwise it would be held by the dirty rug it sits under. Lost in the other failed campaign trail promises. 

My question is and has been…do we really want the govt to legalize this plant and regulate it? NO!! It is the worst idea ever! Do you really want the govt roaming your farm or land or property, telling you how to grow a simple plant? They will cotrol the industry soon enough. The chemtrails alone will kill the industry. Good-bye greenhouse safe cannabis. Hello chemtrailed, poisoned cannabis. Think about it.


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